Craft Ideas for Your Laser Printer

Whether you use these ideas to decorate your own home (or skin!) or whether you give the finished products away as unique gifts, you’ll have fun getting to grips with these craft projects. You’ll need to find a cheap place to get toner cartridge supplies, though!

A Vintage-style laser transfer

This is an eye-catching way to display a favourite photo and it’s surprisingly easy to make.

You need nail varnish remover, a piece of plywood or a plank of pine, masking tape, rubber gloves, a paper towel or burnishing cloth and your favourite laser print. Then…


Trim your photo so it fits the piece of wood you’re using, before taping the edges down (the printed side should be facing down).


Douse your cloth or paper towel with nail varnish remover and rub the paper vigorously. A smooth burnishing tool would come in handy if you have one. When the paper is transparent, you’re probably ready, but lift up a corner of the paper to check. If the image is too faint, tape it back down and have another go.

Finish and seal

Once you’re happy, give the wood a few minutes to dry out before spraying some clear varnish over the image to seal it.

Create Your Own Temporary Tattoos

This is a fun summer holiday project for the kids, or for a hen night, or just for plain fun. The tattoo should last for a couple of days as long as you don’t scrub too vigorously in the bath.

You’ll need some printable tattoo paper and some adhesive sheets – they’re available in kits from most hobby stores.

Create your image

You need to design your image or wording, then, if necessary, reverse it before printing onto the special sheet. You then need to peel back the adhesive sheet and carefully apply it to the printed side of your paper. Work slowly and carefully to stick the adhesive sheet onto the printed sheet, removing any air bubbles as you go.

Apply your designs

Once you’re happy with the adhesion, cut around the individual tattoos with sharp scissors. To apply the tattoo to skin, remove the glossy backing from the adhesive side and place the tattoo on clean dry skin. Press it down evenly and apply a damp sponge to the surface of the tattoo, wetting the top layer, for 10-20 seconds. The top layer will move away from the skin, leaving the design in place.

Make jam jar labels

This works in the same way as the tattoo, essentially, although you’ll be applying the sticker as well as the design. Print out your design on plain paper before covering it with pressure-sensitive box-tape. Make sure all the air bubbles are worked out before submerging the paper and tape in a bowl of warm water for five minutes.

After five minutes, remove your label from the water and peel away the box-tape, which should have picked up your design. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying it to your jars

How ‘Brexit’ Would Affect the Forex Market

There has been growing speculation that Britain may be considering an exit from the European Union. Also known simply as a “Brexit”, there is a considerable amount of speculation in regards to the ramifications that such a move would cause. Although much focus has been placed upon political and economic changes, we also need to keep in mind that a Brexit may significantly affect the world of Forex trading.

Potentially Massive Hedging

Much like during uncertain economic times, we would likely see a good deal of hedging against both the euro and the pound. Some analysts feel that the pound …

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7 Tips on How to Get Business Financing

Getting business financing is the first big challenge of any company. But in this day and age there are more ways than ever before to get business financing. If you are looking for some conventional and unconventional ways to secure financing, this guide will help you through the process.

  1. Traditional or Online Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans are always a good way to start. These provide you with the backing of a reputable organization that’s still going to be there in five years. For newer businesses, they may even have mentoring programs you can take advantage of. Unfortunately, loan decisions …

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Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

As the tax filing deadline approaches and returns are almost finished being processed, for those that are getting a refund this year you may start to already be adding items to your online shopping cart in anticipating for when you see funds show up in your account.  Before you go and see the money disappear in the matter of a few clicks and grow tired of the most likely unnecessary items that you purchase, there are plenty you could have done with the money instead.  Sure going on a vacation could be a great escape after the winter weather, feeling …

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How Would Brexit Impact Expat Property Homeowners?

The British are able to own property in European Union member nations. Also, many international investors are able to earn property in Great Britain. How would Brexit impact expat property homeowners? With a significant amount of uncertainty around the future of the UK housing market with regards to the country possible exiting the EU, here are some of the key things to consider.

Easy to Move Around in EU

According to the Telegraph,approximately 1.3 million Brits” live in Europe with about 319,000 in Spain and 171,000 in France. The French Consulate states that “there are 400,000 French …

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Become a More Efficient Spender

There is no better time than now to become more financially responsible with your spending this year.  After you went on a spending spree in 2015 and do not have much to show for it in your bank account, was it worth it in the end?  Maybe you had a lot of fun.  While I am not saying to stop spending for those memories, maybe there were extra expenses that did not need to be there; there had to be.  Start from scratch and look to improve your spending right away.

Impulse spending is some of the most dangerous type …

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Get Your Spouse Involved in Saving Money

Your household finances are a team effort and should not solely fall on you.  Some cringe at the thought of money discussions.  Some may not be as good at juggling paycheck pay cycles with paying all the expenses at the right time before the due date, while still factoring in allotted amounts for extra expenses such as food and gas.  If paying bills is not yours or your spouse’s thing (hopefully one of the two of you can handle money), make sure they are at least involved the monthly expenses.  You both should know online logins, account balances, and what …

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Achieving Financial and Personal Well-Being



Have you ever wondered why companies invest so much money into background checks on potential new hires? Does it seem weird that most want to pull your credit report as a means for determining gainful employment? Well, if you consider that on average, there is a $2,000 per employee cost that a business incurs annually as a result of their employees’ financial stress, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that employers know it’s important to do their due diligence in ensuring financially stable workers.

For background, there are many ways that an employee’s poor financial situation can result in losses …

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Think Credit Unions are Nice? Do Not Overdraft Your Account


If you are like me and ditched the large financial institutions because of high monthly fees and went to a credit union, but although they are often considered a nicer version of the big bank that you left in the dust, a new study shows that if you get caught up in overdrafts, there is no difference in what each charges.  According to a study by a 2015 study by Moebs Services, which reviewed almost 2,800 banks and credit unions, the median price for an overdraft on a checking account is $30, while credit unions the median charge is …

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Knowing How to Stack Up Your Auto Insurance Quotes

How do you compare car insurance quotes properly? Here are a few handy tips:

  1. Ask for recommendations and suggestions. Start with the people with whom you trust. Whether you end up getting tips, a name or a company – getting that conversation rolling is a good start. In addition, your network could extend the same questions to the people in their own circles. Who knows? Long shots can pay off.
  1. Compare rates online. It’s hard to know if you’re getting a good deal unless you take a peak around, especially online. Comparison sites like CoverHound offer auto insurance quote comparison
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