Smart Ways to Save Money in December

The holiday shopping season drains the bank accounts enough, so we should be looking to save every dollar possible.  Sometimes removing unnecessary spending is not enough and we need a little adjusting in other areas to maximize savings.  This December would be a great time to make a few tweaks to set up 2017 for financial success.

Set Up Direct Deposit for Savings Accounts

Having the available funds in your checking account will often prevent any from moving over to savings accounts because it is there for spending.  Instead, set an automatic deposit from your paycheck that will automatically going into savings so you avoid any temptation to either not move over as much as you should, or spend it all.  By starting with a little a fist, you will not even miss it, and then can gradually increase each paycheck so that you will see a continuous rise in the savings account balance.

Spend with Cash Instead of Credit

Not that using cash instead of credit will stop spending altogether, but it may give second thought to any unnecessary spending if you are only using your own set allowance.  Seeing the cash leave your hand and go into the cash register should at least make you think about if each purchase is worth it.  Credit cards can often feel like play money, not having to worry about paying until the next month’s account statement arrives.

Start Setting Donations Aside

With 2016 coming to a close it is time to start thinking about the upcoming tax season and now would be a great time to get your donations in order to write off when you begin to file.  A good place to start would be cleaning out the closet, putting clothes in piles of not only washing, but what can be donated versus time to throw away.  Next scouting out each room for any larger items such as furniture, TV’s, or the CD’s, DVD’s, and books that are probably now collecting dust in the digital age.

Keep Cold Air Out

The winter weather is upon us and before months go by wasting away extra money on our gas bill, it is a good time to check out doors, windows, and outlets that share an outside wall for drafts.  Running a new line of caulk or foam insulation will immediately keep the warm air inside.  Any way we can help from the heat kicking on as often will only save you money not only in December, but the entire cold season.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards

With the holiday season in full force, since we are spending a ton of money anyways, we might as well get a little back in return.  Check your credit card rewards program to see that are you taking full advantage, getting points for purchases that you can redeem in gift cards, or a lump sum cashback check.  Just keep an eye on that spending balance to make sure it still fits your budget now that you are putting on credit instead of using cash/debit.

How to Trade Penny Stocks

Penny stock trading is usually day trading stocks that are priced under five dollars a share. This is not value investing or long-term investing. This is riding the wave of a hot stock for a short term, quick profit. The better you are “riding” the wave, the more successful you’ll be at day trading penny stocks. Here are three tips to get you started trading penny stocks.

Risk Respect

This is not about getting rich on one big bet. Keep your profits, and also your losses, small. You do this with risk respect. Most penny stocks aren’t worth the paper

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Spend Less Money on Insurance

It’s easy to understand why you need insurance, but it can be difficult to make peace with the notion of parting with money every month that you will never see unless some misfortune happens. In addition to getting yourself psyched up to pay or insurance, it is worthwhile to continually look for ways to save money on premiums. This project can be rewarding on a number of levels and can ensure that you keep more money in your pocketbook where it belongs. It isn’t so difficult to find deals and ways to save if you keep your eyes open.
Shop …

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Flying private VS Commercial

Have you ever considered chartering a private jet?  We’ve put together a quick guide of everything you need to know about the many benefits that come with flying private.

The benefits of private jet travel compared to using commercial airlines are endless. Chartering a private jet gives you the freedom to fly wherever and whenever you want to, in a setting tailored to meet your specific needs. Apart from the luxury you’ll experience, listed below are eight more advantages that come with travelling by private jet versus using commercial airlines.


So, there you have it, and of course, those …

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Why Attending Online College is the Best Financial Decision You’ll Ever Make

Online education has many advantages over traditional colleges many people do not consider when they decide to pursue post graduate studies. One of these advantages is the lower cost of online education. But getting an online degree is smart from a financial standpoint for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Online College Works Around Your Schedule

One of the major reasons many people choose online college is because of the added flexibility it offers. Online college is very popular amongst medical students, and one of the reasons many medical majors choose online education is to …

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Items to Avoid Wasting Money On



With so much of our income already going to monthly expenses such as housing, car, insurance, and utility bills, throwing money away on ridiculous items should be avoided to free up any extra dollars that can instead go towards fun, savings, and retirement.  It may actually take going line by line on bank and credit statements to see which are necessary expenses, and which unnecessary expenses can be avoided.

Bottled Water

You might not think it is much to drop a dollar or two for a bottle of water, but added up over the course of a month to …

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Ways Using a Credit Card Can Work to Your Advantage

Credit cards used to have a negative connotation when it came to making purchases, meaning you did not have the cash available at the time of the purchase, so put it on credit and worry about it later.  While that may still occur for some, using credit cards actually make excellent financial sense.  If you are currently not using your credit card, or only for emergencies, you could be missing out on its maximum potential.

Builds Up Credit

The more you charge up your card and pay off the entire balance each month, the more you will see your credit …

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5 Quick Ways to Get Cash Today

Emergencies happen. If you don’t have an immediate emergency fund it can be difficult to meet problems head on. People who need money today have a number of options available to them. This guide is going to show you five of the quick ways in which you can get money today.

Put it on the Credit Car

Short-term problems can be confronted through taking advantage of your credit card. Putting the problem on the credit card isn’t a viable long-term option, but it can solve immediate problems. Credit cards will give you access to some much-needed funding in a …

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Squatters’ Rights: What to do When a Squatter has moved into Your Vacant Home


You’ve been away for a few months and now you get to sleep in your own bed. You open the door and guess what? There’s someone in your house. They’re using your bathroom, sitting on your couch and cooking in your kitchen. They’re squatters. Squatters are people who take residence on a vacated property that doesn’t belong to them. It’s not a new craze, It’s as old as homeownership itself. Squatters have taken over single-person homes all the way up to entire neighborhoods.

While squatting isn’t new to America, it has become more common following the 2008 recession, which resulted …

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Signs You Will Not Be Able to Afford Holiday Shopping



The holidays are stressful enough when it comes to figuring out which house to gather at next, adding to the numbers of nights in a short time span celebrating the same upcoming event with different family members, but throw in money worries, and you may already be looking to skip over to January right now.  For your family’s sake, take a look at signs you may have trouble making ends meet this holiday season and make the necessary adjustments while there is still time.

No Shopping Budget

By this point if you have not saved up a fund for …

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