Wise Vacation Investments That Make Travel More Affordable

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Those wise words came from an anonymous source, but they apply to everyone. Too often people think that buying things will make them happy when in actuality experiences are a much better investment.

Research supports that vacation time provides more happiness and satisfaction than anything else we can buy. Longevity is a key factor. When we buy things the joy quickly fades after the register closes. The memories from experiences, however, usually last a lifetime. Even a short weekend trip is enough to spark a meaningful adventure you’ll tell people about for years.

But just because vacations provide rich experiences doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are vacation investments you can make now to decrease the cost of travel for years to come.

Your Own RV

If you plan to take a lot of road trips, particularly to state parks, an RV is a great investment. An RV loan can get you rolling down the road with a small upfront payment. Plus, you’ll eliminate the high cost of hotel stays without compromising the quality of your accommodations. Frequent travelers will be able to trade hotel rooms for monthly payments.

Not to mention travel is a lot more convenient and you can pack a lot more without additional fees when you have an RV. You’ll also save money by being able to cook at your motorhome instead of going out to eat on vacation.

Language Classes, Software and Tools

Language learning classes and/or software is invaluable for anyone who’s going out of the country where they don’t speak the native tongue. Being able to speak with locals enables travelers to find bargains more effectively, as well as steering clear of scams. Simply being able to give a taxi driver directions could end up saving you big.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase a program like Rosetta Stone check your local library. Many libraries now carry the software in common languages like Spanish and Mandarin. You can also look for secondhand software on Craigslist.

Even if you become fairly fluent there are a few language tools you may still want to invest in. A pocket translator always comes in handy, and Google Translate is a real lifesaver. You can write, speak, draw or take pictures of words to get a translation for free. You can even download translation packs for times when you’re offline.

Undercover Wallet

There are lots of ways to save money on a vacation, but you could also lose it. When you’re traveling to countries that are known for pickpockets a hidden wallet is a must. It can prevent all the headaches and expenses associated with losing all of your cash and credit cards.

Hidden wallets are cloth pouches that go around the waist and lie flat against the stomach. It’s worn under the clothes so people can’t tell the wallet is there. You also have to unzip the pouch in order to get anything out.

A Backup Solar Charger

Let’s face it. We can’t go anywhere these days without our smartphones and tablets. They really are essential travel tools when you consider they can be used for navigation, looking up information, making translations and communication. But they’re totally useless if the battery runs out.

From incompatible outlets to not having an outlet at all, a solar charger is worth every penny. As long as you have sunlight you can build up a power supply in the solar charger so it’s there whenever you need it.

Global Entry Program Membership and TSA PreCheck

Are you an international traveler? Hate waiting forever in customs lines when you could be spending that time exploring? Anyone with a machine-readable passport or U.S. permanent resident card can apply to be approved for the Global Entry program. The application fee is $100, but at airports around the world you can walk up to a Global Entry kiosk, scan your documents, do a fingerprint verification and complete the customs declaration in minutes.

In addition to the background check you’ll also have to do an in-person interview. But once that’s done and the fee is paid you’re set for five years.

If you like to keep your air travel domestic then the TSA PreCheck may be a better investment. This will give you access to expedited security check lines that get you to your gate in less time. If you’ve ever barely missed a flight you know how expensive a few minutes can be. The TSA PreCheck costs just $85 for five years.

Why Your Business Needs an App

It is the era of technological advancement and all business mist comply with the industry’s changing attitude. It is important to have business apps now, as they are the real tools for business building. These not only help you communicate with existing customers, attain new ones, but also enhance internal business processes.

Mobile devices are part of daily life now and real-life contact is maintained by introducing business apps. In addition to that, you can contact employees and share files centrally with all members of the company.

Because it is still a fairly new concept, many business owners hesitate to accept this change. However, it is important to accept the change and introduce mobile app. Some of the key benefits of this move have been outlined below:

  1. Enhances Communication

As already mentions, mobile apps enhance relationship building. Multiple businesses around the world are doing the same thing, and this app is what will help you differentiate.

The apps improve real-time responses and therefore improves the customer’s experience with the company. With a mobile app, you can stay in contact with your customers. They can share their queries too.

Mobile apps feature push notifications, via which you can send messages to app users instantly. It appears on the phone screen and has a very high response rate, and is therefore more powerful that e-mails and SMSs.

So, you can now inform about new products, announce your weekly offers, etc. very easily.

  1. Great Way to Differentiate Your Brand

Mobile apps help you stand out amid the clutter of similar brands. Apps provide ways to innovatively engage customers and help them feel connected to the company. Constant communication keeps the brand on top of their mind and this brand recall enhances sales.

  1. Association with Social Share

Exposure in the Internet world is boosted because of mobile apps as the apps encourage social shares. Individuals like to share service stories and news about innovative products with friends and family. As apps allow them to do this instantly, there is no chance that they will forget. This is the best form of word of mouth and acts as referrals. In fact, business apps will not only bring these referrals, but also will lead to new sales and encourage repeat purchase. As a result a loyal customer base will be attained.

  1. Helps Nurture Loyal Customer Base

Another important benefit of mobile apps is database collection. The rise of direct response marketing and e-mail marketing has made is essential for companies to have a working database including details of prospects and customers. You can take help from an easy to use app builder that helps you add your own business rules, send emails, approvals, payment processes, and more . The app will help you collect essential information and then organize them according to your needs.

When needed, you can also very easily share this information with other employees of the firm.

For businesses that providing engaging and interesting content, getting a regular audience base and customer base is easy. Many people who think the content and products are relevant often subscribe through the website or business app and then provide personal contact information like name and e-mail address willingly.

All of these entries are then accumulated by the app and then sorted to create an effective excel sheet.

In conclusion, the business app is a great lead capture tool. It encourages internal communication and also improves conveyance of messages to the customers. It helps retain old customers and also attracts new ones. Sales is boosted and therefore, overall business performance is benefitted.

Importance of Learning About STDs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are contagious afflictions that individuals contract through close physical or sexual contact. People of any age, sex, race or nationality who engage in active sexual relationships can be affected. Effective measures must be taken soon after diagnosis as treating an STI early can prevent further health complications.

The number of young people infected with STDs and STIs have increased. Especially because STDs and STIs can lead to severe consequences, it is important to learn about the causes, symptoms, effects and treatment methods of various sexually transmitted diseases.

You must understand that STD is much more than just a social stigma. It not only impacts patient’s health, but also relationships and mental wellbeing. Even though some STDs do not cause major problems, some of them can lead to infertility or death if left undiagnosed or untreated.

In most cases, sexual relationships aid transfer of these diseases. However, misinformation is a bigger culprit. People wrongly assume that STDs and STIs can only be contracted through sexual contact. It is to be noted that some of these conditions can be passed on by simple skin-to-skin contact with the patient’s infected area.

Some wrongly assume they cannot contract STD through anal or oral sex. The viruses can invade individual’s body via wounds, small cuts and even through mucous membranes in anus or mouth.

Diagnosis is often delayed because symptoms for most STDs are difficult to identify. An infected person might not notice the subtle symptoms and remain unaware of this health condition. They unknowingly pass the disease to others as they consider themselves STD-free.

It is true that there are some advised prevention techniques, such as using a condom, but none offer 100% guarantee. Condoms, for example, are cannot prevent STDs like genital warts and herpes that pass via skin contact.

Especially because the symptoms are not clear most often, it is important that you seek medical attention even when you notice probable symptoms. You can either go to a STD testing center or a reliable healthcare practitioner. It is also wise to see the doctor if you were exposed to someone who has a sexually transmitted disease.

Upon diagnosis, there is no reason to worry. If your test reveals positive result for a STD, it does not mean it will result in death. Most STDs are curable. The STD testing center or your doctor will prescribe medication required to help cure the disease There are many treatment options for most STDs. Note that along with treatment, most patients are required to follow long-term care and maintenance routine.

Great importance is given to informing the partner. This is important because he/she will be able to help and offer mental support. You will need someone who understands and supports you. It recommended that sexual partners of the patients should get STD tested too. STD infections are not always dangerous but they may pose threat and compromise individual’s health.

There are many different types of STDs, but they are usually asymptomatic. This is why it is difficult to identify whether someone is infected or not. Even if a person shows no common signs and symptoms, he can infect others. Therefore, it is critical to get STD testing done frequently. Some people express concerns about privacy. They can choose clinics that offer confidential STD testing. The doctor will also suggest the best course of action for you.

The exposure of different kinds of STDs makes it difficult to stay safe. It is wise to to educate yourself about the types of diseases and relevant information.

How to Lose Excess Weight Effectively

Obesity is perhaps one of the most common health concerns among people from all around the world. Dieticians often suggest a comprehensive weight loss solution based on a VLC diet (very low calorie) to help hurry the process. In general, burning more calories via exercise and limiting calorie intake is what helps weight loss.

However, the process is not as easy as it sounds. Suggest incorporation of physical activities in daily routine and reduction of food intake leads to weakness and other problems. Most people look for an easier way out where they do not have to starve themselves.

It is anyways important that you select a weight loss plan that is healthy. It should also have a long-lasting effect, unlike fad diets. If it is not easy to follow, you will be demotivated and chances of discontinuation are high.

If you wish to lose weight, you must first understand that this is a long-term process and entails commitment and dedication. The aim is to not only reach your ideal weight but also maintain the results. Even after you reach your goal, you must lead a healthy lifestyle.

On of the biggest reasons behind weight loss fails are the strategies followed by individuals. It is essential that you understand your body type and lifestyle before selecting a plan. Choose a regime that will keep you motivated till you reach the target weight. The Internet and magazine offer hundreds of strategies but below are 3 most important tips.

  1. Make a Long-term Plan

When you select a weight loss plan, choose one that you can follow even after you reach your goals. Strategies like starving yourself might offer quick results but it is difficult maintain in the long run. In fact, it can lead to serious health issues.

Instead, choose a lifestyle that includes healthy food choices and lots of exercises. You can easily adapt to these changes and also keep up. You can embrace one small change at a time and lead to a completely different lifestyle.

  1. Measure and Record the Changes

Some people might advice you to stay off the scale as it might discourage you. Even though measuring weight changes every day is not wise, it might help to check your progress on a routinely basis. The scale can guide you through the journey. In fact, it can also help prevent you from regaining the weight.

It will show you how close you are to your success and upon attaining it you must maintain it. If you find that the changes in weight are not satisfactory, you might have to make changes in your weight loss plan.

It helps to set specific weight loss target like weekly weight goals. You will then work hard to achieve them and then be motivated to work towards the bigger goal.

  1. Embrace an Active Lifestyle

In order to lose weight, you will definitely have to make healthy food choices. Another major change is incorporating exercise in everyday routine. It is not very difficult to start an active lifestyle. If you make smart choices, keeping up will be easy too.

A good tip is to engage in activities that interest you. Instead of getting a gym membership, try to do physical activities that are fun. Some people like walking in the part while other like swimming. Active sports are also a good option. Apart from these, healthier options like riding the bicycle to work, or taking the stair can help you lose weight.

If you follow all three of the aforementioned steps, you will see positive results towards your weight loss goals.

How to Be Financially Stable When Facing Personal Injury

Being unable to continue your job means mental and physical trauma, which, in many cases, is devastating. But perhaps the most disturbing factor is facing financial hardship.

Having a personal injury – whether sustained in a public area or at work – often results in a financial toll that can have a dramatic effect on your household. It may come from…

  • Medical Expenses: For serious injuries like a knee replacement operation, these expenses can pile on fast. The bills along with your reduced or lost earnings can cause extreme financial distress.
  • Loss of Property: In some cases of personal injury, like a car accident, you may also lose some personal property. This could be electronics, clothing, or meaningful property. Insurance may cover some expenses, but going without expensive personal property like an automobile can put a severe strain on your financial health.
  • Loss of Future Earnings: With serious injuries, the working life of the victim may change completely. You may not be able to perform key functions of your work. This can alter your career path and how much you earn. You may need to re-enter college or accept low-paying work.

Your overall situation may vary but the general premise holds regardless of the severity of your personal injury.

Financial Stability for Personal Injury Victims

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your financial health during a personal injury case. Here are your options:

  1. Personal Injury Law Firm

Mike Pines states that a personal injury attorney can give you personalized attention and understand the specifics of your injury to craft a compelling case to battle for the best outcome. The legal processes can be very confusing at times, but an experienced personal injury lawyer will save time by guiding the victim through the process. Whether it’s a slip and fall injury, or an injury caused by someone else’s wrong-doing, this option can help you get the most out of your personal injury settlement.

  1. Downsizing

After a personal injury, you and other members of your family may have to live on less each month. While you are eligible for permanent disability, temporary disability, or workers’ compensation, these options will cover only a portion of your full-time income. In such a scenario, you can consider reasonable downsizing to protect your financial wellbeing. Cut out luxuries, like subscription services (music, magazine, podcast, etc.) and entertainment (cable, dine outs, etc.). The cancellation fee may give you second thoughts, but it is still less than what the expenses would be in the long-run. In addition, there may be clauses that make you eligible for no cancellation fee.

  1. Avoid Retirement Account Cash Out

You and your family could rely on emergency savings to survive for some months (longer if you cut out excess and downsize efficiently). Those who don’t have emergency savings will consider the idea of taking out a personal injury loan or taking funds from a retirement account. But these options aren’t fruitful and should be avoided. Personal injury loans have high interest rates, and withdrawing early from a retirement account could result in a tax penalty. A better option would be short-term loans; they can give you enough financial stability to manage your household until you regain financial health through a personal injury settlement.

These tips will remove a great deal of stress as you recover physically, emotionally and financially.

What No One Tells You About Surgical Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Treatments

With the baby boomers blowing out more candles on their cakes, certain industries are starting to pick up speed as they are of interest and need to this demographic. Apart from the obvious areas like health care, there are a couple of logical but less expected business niches that are profiting off of the baby boomers. One of these niches is cosmetic surgery.

However, it’s not just nose jobs and breast augmentation that they are coming for. More and more often they are requesting anti-aging treatments like facelifts, neck lifts, eye lifts and more. And though many people are happy with the effects that these surgical treatments bring, there are some facts that they forget to share when promoting it and recommending it to friends or acquaintances:

  1. Recovery Time

Most cosmetic and anti-aging surgery treatments require a dedicated recovery time, from 10 days to 2 weeks. Unless you work from home or have a very empty social calendar, it means that you will most likely end up hiding your swollen face at home during this time instead of going about your regular routine. That why non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging procedures are appealing because they require little to no downtime. Now that’s something to think about.

  1. It’s Expensive

If you think that anti-aging creams at the drugstore are expensive, you will not like the costs associated with the surgical equivalent. Starting from $4,500 for eyelid surgery to over $12,000 for a facelift, you better hope those retirement investments were extremely successful, otherwise you’ll have to stick to alternatives. For that price, you can hire a top notch trainer to help you shape your body and you can buy the best non-surgical treatments and elixirs on the market and still have some money left over.

  1. Things Can Go Wrong

Other than a light allergic reaction or temporary rash, there is very little risk in using non-surgical anti-aging treatments. However, when you decide on going under the knife, you run the risk of something not going according to plan. From an adverse reaction to nerve damage, accidents during the surgery can result in irreversible disfigurement. Though this is more and more rare, it’s still a possibility that doesn’t exist with non-surgical alternatives.

  1. Scarring

Even if you get the best plastic surgeon to take you on as a patient, there is a big chance that you will be left with scars following your treatment. However, how long the healing process is and how bad the remaining scars will be, depend on your individual case. Your age, your skin tone and complexion, the size and depth of incision, and how quickly your skin heals, all have an impact on whether or not, or how bad the scarring will be.

  1. Not Permanent

Though the nearly immediate results of cosmetic and anti-aging surgery are satisfying, they cannot be considered permanent. Your body will continue aging, which means that your skin will continue to lose tone, the muscles in your face will relax, making them sag, and the wrinkles will deepen. However, because of your treatments, you will still look younger than your peers from your age group. In the end though, if you want to maintain your looks as they are permanently, you should get ready for going under the knife regularly.

With a growing aging population, the rate at which people are electing to undergo cosmetic and anti-aging surgeries is on the rise. However, the decision to go under the knife should not be taken lightly. There are many things that your friends and your surgeon won’t tell you about cosmetic surgery, and it is up to you to make an informed decision about how to go about your anti-aging treatments.

How Entrepreneurs Can Use the Internet to Reduce Business Costs

Do want to find ways to reduce the cost of running your business? If so, the answer is staring you in the face because using the internet in the proper way has the potential to reduce your business outgoings. Here are some of the ways entrepreneurs can use the internet to reduce their business costs.

Online Courses

Business owners should always be learning new things and developing new skills. Up until recently, enrolling in a high-quality course was expensive, especially if you had to attend college or university lectures in person.

However, the latest internet technologies have changed all of this and a wide range of online business degree courses are now available to students all over the world. The fees for an online business administration degree are affordable and you avoid many of the costs associated with studying in a college or university.

Online Tools and Software

Are you aware of the tools and software systems that are available online? Many business owners are not aware of these resources and could be spending a lot of money they don’t need to spend on licenses and monthly subscription fees for items that are available for free. Examples of these tools and software applications include graphic design packages, cloud computing systems, different types of generators and a wide range of other items.

Free and Affordable Business Tips and Advice

Some entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars attending seminars and other programs that promise to improve the fortunes of their business. Some of these gatherings are effective, while others are a complete waste of time and money.

In many cases, you’re better off turning to the internet and looking for advice from reputable business coaches, mentors and consultants. The online fees for these business services are usually much more reasonable and some of these business experts even give away valuable business tips and advice for free.

Advertising and Marketing

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been as easy to reach a huge number of potential customers and shoppers in an extremely short amount of time. Many of the most popular online advertising and marketing strategies used won’t cost you anything except your time.

You may need to hire an online marketing professional to help you though, but the exposure your business gets and the reasonable fees many of these internet marketing experts charge, means it’s still more cost-effective than the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.


The internet has made the world a much smaller place and the cost of communicating with other people all around the world continues to fall. You should be using mobile apps, email and video conferencing systems to keep in touch with your customers, suppliers, employees and other work associates.

Online Deals

Finding bargains online is another good reason to surf the net. Business systems, office furniture and equipment for all kinds of industries are put up for sale at ridiculously low prices on many marketplace websites and could save you a lot of money, which could be used for other business purposes.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not using the internet to its full potential, you could be wasting a lot of money. The points mentioned above are good examples of ways you can save.

Ways to Pay for Holiday Shopping

The holidays can be quite a difficult time to remain on a budget. There is so much pressure to find just the right gifts that are both affordable and nice, and this can be quite the challenge. If you happen to be worried about how you will manage to get through this holiday season, financially speaking, we have a few tips that might help.

Installment Loans

Payday loans are not recommended at all. The repayment terms are typically not easy to handle and the interest rates are exorbitant.

There is an alternative, though. Some people actually take out installment loans to pay for the holidays and then pay it back once the holidays are over. These online payday loan alternatives can get you as much as $1,250 for your holiday shopping needs. They are easy to qualify for; you just need to have an active checking account, a valid social security number, and verifiable employment. Funding is fast and most of the time, you can have the funds deposited into your account the very next business day. Payments are flexible and you typically will have about 6 months to pay it back. You can pay it back before that time with no penalty.

Not having a budget for shopping really doesn’t mean that you will not be able to afford holiday shopping this year. There are other things that you can do…

Ride Sharing

If you have a vehicle, a valid driver license, and insurance, you might consider making a bit of extra money by driving for Uber. This is a great way to earn extra money at any time. You can work driving around your existing schedule, whether it includes work, school, or anything else. They even offer Instant Pay, which will allow for you to be able to transfer all of your earnings right to your bank in an instant.

Credit Cards

Yes, if you have credit cards, you will more than likely be tempted to use them for your holiday shopping. This is not really recommended. There are a couple of reasons for this too. One is that credit cards should only ever be used for emergencies. This gives you a cushion in the event that you experience a financial crisis at some point. The other reason is that you should never spend money in order to save money. Consider this… during the holiday season, stores often have their best sale prices of the year. You might be tempted to buy stuff at these reduced prices. However, if you are making these purchases with your credit cards, you will also be paying interests and possibly some other fees. Therefore, you will be spending money to save money – and this is always a financial no-no.

Make Money Online

This is easier than you might realize. The internet offers so many opportunities. There really is something for everyone. You might consider writing for cash. You can do this by writing for other people, or you might decide to create your own blog or website. You can also become an affiliate marketer. This is someone who will assist entrepreneurs and companies to sell their products and or services. You can offer your services as a translator if you know a foreign language. You might be versed in the cyber arts and decide to open your own business creating websites. You can be a marketer, a virtual assistant, a customer service representative, and the list goes on.

The great thing is that with most of these things, it is ok if you have a job outside of the home. These can be done on your schedule. This is a great way to make extra money for the holidays or at any other time of year.

The very best thing to do is not to do all of your holiday shopping at one time. If you get everything in a single day, how much of a hit will your bank account take? Think about buying things one or two at a time throughout the year. If you see something in February, for example, that Aunt May would love, get in in February and put it up until the holidays. You might be surprised how much stress that will take off of your shoulders when the holidays do roll around.

How to Save Money on a Long-Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

As a motorcyclist, you know that road trips are better on two wheels. You’ve got freedom. When everyone else is stuck in gridlock, you’re able to weave your way out of traffic. You can pretty much park everywhere, and your bike is harder to tow than a car or truck. Certainly, there are plenty of advantages to driving a motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean road trips are any cheaper.

Overall, motorcycle ownership is less expensive than owning another vehicle type; however, you don’t have a ton of storage, which means you can’t take many supplies on the road with you. This has the potential to make long-distance trips a bit more costly. Typical costs include fuel, food, accommodations, and insurance. Employ the following strategies to help you save on these costs and more. Then, you can brag to all your friends, who still drive on four wheels, about how much better it is to ride a bike.

Look For Insurance Savings

Before you hit the road, make sure you’re not overpaying for motorcycle insurance. Although basic liability is the cheapest coverage, this is limited insurance. It only covers expenses for others, so if you’re in an accident, personal injury and property damage (damage to your bike) won’t be covered if you’re at fault. To get the most comprehensive coverage at a price you can afford, compare rates and look for discounts, such as bundling car, home, and motorcycle insurance.

More ways to save:

  • Increase your deductible.
  • Take a motorcycle safety class.
  • Join a motorcycle club, such as Harley Owners Group, and take advantage of the group’s insurance discounts.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

You’ll use less gas when you’re obeying the rules of the road. Fight the urge to hastily accelerate; instead, maintain your speed and avoid quick breaking. You can also employ the help of a navigating app, which will tell you the fastest route to your destination. You will probably want to get off the beaten path to sightsee, but whenever possible, take advantage of shorter routes and flat stretches of road to save on fuel.

Don’t wait until you’re nearing empty to fill up. This is going to limit you to whatever gas station is nearby. Gas stations are notorious for increasing prices when they’re located nearby a highway exit. If you look for competitive pricing on gas, you can ensure you’re never overpaying. Check out this list of apps that can help: 5 best apps to find cheap gas.

Save Money on Food and Accommodations

Motorcycles don’t have enough storage to keep you satiated on your journey. This means you’ll do most of your eating on the road. Before you head out, make a note of diners and other low-cost restaurants on the way. You should also note grocery and convenience stores. Whenever possible, pop into a grocery store and pick up a few items that will fit in your bag and keep you going for a couple meals, such as bread and lunch meat.

As for accommodations, you’re going to get the most comfort from a hotel or motel; however, these tend to be pricey. To save, consider staying at a hostel or Airbnb property. There are apps that allow you to search for couch surfing opportunities, which are typically free, but it may be dangerous to trust a stranger. Some people see these apps as an opportunity for sexual encounters, which is a bit weird and has led to a decline in their use.

Final Thoughts

Your motorcycle’s manual will tell you when maintenance should be scheduled. For example, it may recommend that you replace the chain and sprockets at 15,000 miles. You can avoid costly repairs if you follow the manual’s advice. Regular maintenance should help prevent breakdowns, which cost a lot. Overall, be safe on the road and take advantage of savings wherever you can find them. If you’re keeping a budget, stick to it and you should be fine.

How to Trade Penny Stocks

Penny stock trading is usually day trading stocks that are priced under five dollars a share. This is not value investing or long-term investing. This is riding the wave of a hot stock for a short term, quick profit. The better you are “riding” the wave, the more successful you’ll be at day trading penny stocks. Here are three tips to get you started trading penny stocks.

Risk Respect

This is not about getting rich on one big bet. Keep your profits, and also your losses, small. You do this with risk respect. Most penny stocks aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. They’re thinly traded and hugely volatile. What does this mean for you? It means the tides can shift quickly if you’re not keeping a close eye on the market, the stock, and therefore your money. Don’t be afraid to take those small profits if you feel the tides are shifting and cut those losses small. You might not be able to fight risk, but you can respect it.

Keep a Trading Journal

My favorite piece of advice I ever received was, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes day trading penny stocks, just don’t make the same one twice. The best way to do this, is to remind yourself of your wins and your losses. A great way is to diary your profits and losses is by keeping a penny stock trading journal. Typically, the best penny stock traders are methodical. They have a plan, they stick to it, they respect risk, and most importantly, they learn from their mistakes. A journal is a great way to keep yourself on track and your head in the game. Don’t dwell on the losses but make sure you learn from them.

No Pollyannas Allowed

Penny stock trading is not built for the eternal optimist. Ninety-nine percent of all penny stocks will fail. In order to be successful at day trading penny stocks you have to stop believing everything you read on the internet about what the next “big” thing is. Every single one of the companies you invest in might fail, but that doesn’t mean you can make a profit on them while they’re doing it. At the same time, don’t’ be afraid to cut those losses when you see a stock tanking. Penny stock trading is not about finding that diamond in the rough and riding it out. That strategy will most likely have you under water before you know what hit you.

Day trading penny stocks may not be for everyone, but if you can keep a level head and manage your risk you can find success in trading penny stocks. What do you wish someone would have told you before you invested in that very first penny stock.

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