How to Leverage Free Tools for Your Business

In order to launch and grow a successful business, you must stay on top of an endless list of tasks. That can become overwhelming in short order unless you find a way to make all of these processes a bit easier to manage.

Sometimes, you can do that by hiring more staff, but that’s pretty cost-intensive. Your other option is to use technology to get things done. There are some great tools out there to help you in nearly every area of your business, and many of them are free.

Benefits of Using Free Tools

Why should business owners seek out free tools? What are the benefits of this, especially when paid versions often have more features?

There are times when it is better to invest in a paid tool. If you can’t find what you need to operate your business for free, then you should absolutely spend the money required to get what you need. Still, there are a surprising number of tools that are free, and they deserve consideration for the following reasons:

  • They let you save funds to invest in growth and staffing
  • You can test run tools via free trials
  • They can automate processes without spending money
  • You can improve your ability to grow via bootstrapping

If you are unsure that your business will benefit from a particular tool, look for a free version first.

Identify Where You Need Help

If you look, you can find a tool for nearly every business function. However, before you choose tools, it helps to identify where you’ll get the most benefit from a bit of extra help.

Businesses generally benefit from tools that help them increase productivity, improve communication and collaboration, and handle functionality that is outside of the core area of expertise.

For example, a free messaging tool could lead to better communication. Similarly, a free VoIP trial would be ideal for testing out increased telecommunications capabilities.

Additionally, it helps to consider where your team is struggling. Sometimes, a tool can help by automating processes. You can also implement free tools to free up time and resources to dedicate to mission-critical tasks such as research and development, sales, and growth strategy.

Get the Details

Before you implement any free tool, take time to review all of the pertinent details. Free or not, you want to know what is included and any terms involved.

You’ll want to verify that the free version of the tool includes the functions you need to gain any meaningful benefit. Double-check for time-based constraints too. You don’t want to rely on a tool that suddenly becomes unavailable.

Many free tools will convert to paid versions without warning. If you provide a credit card to obtain a free tool, make sure you note the end of the trial period. This way, you can choose to continue with the paid version or cancel.

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Check Your Credit Report

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