3 Reasons Companies are Using Cloud Access Security Brokers

Sending files to the cloud is easy as pie. Simply hit the right save button, and the information gets uploaded. But is that file secure? And do you have direct knowledge that it’s secure? If not, you may be transmitting files that anyone can access with the right equipment. And if that’s the case, it’s nothing for a dedicated hacker to cause a security breach. Using a cloud access security broker, or CASB, eliminates the possibility that information gets into the wrong hands. Here are three reasons why more companies are moving to the CASB to transmit files to the cloud.

Encryption of Files Before Transmitting


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CASBs come in two forms: on premises or app-based. Files that get sent to the CASB are first encrypted, then transmitted to the cloud storage. This creates two levels of security: one layer is created when the file is encrypted, then more encryption goes on top when the file is transmitted through the HTTPS protocol. An end user will never know that the file was encrypted prior to and during transmission as they have the correct keys to decrypt the file. Someone who doesn’t have the right keys can still download the file, but won’t be able to unlock it as they don’t have the proper keys.

Theft of Sensitive Data Harms a Brand

Data breaches expose a company as being careless and sloppy with customer data. It’s not an image any corporation wants to have, but the fact that it didn’t put the effort into securing data speaks volumes. The CASB makes transmission of sensitive data practically foolproof. There’s no need to perform tedious processes before getting the files ready to send. All a business has to do with a CASB is designate certain people to transmit the files according to a schedule. It’s simple when it comes down to it, and the worry of data theft is all but eliminated when using a CASB. Customers can stop wondering if their data is at risk every time they patronize the business.

Maintain Legal Compliance

HIPAA is a set of federal laws that apply to physicians and how they handle their patient data. The law was enacted to ensure that patient health information was kept out of harm’s way. Since the law was enacted, it’s been updated several times to reflect changes in technology. One change was to create guidelines on how patient information was to be stored electronically. Physicians are now required to use electronic health records, but they can use the cloud to store data instead of keeping a server room on site. A CASB keeps electronic health records locked down tight and reduces the potential for a breach to almost nothing.

Keeping files secure needs to be priority number one for any business that has sensitive customer or proprietary information. Using a CASB makes it easy to lock files down hard, and they’re easy for anyone to use while offering peace of mind for all involved.

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