3 Ways to Save on Your Next Summer Vacation

The kids are now out of school and you plan to take the family out for a summer vacation, along with peak prices on airfare, gas, and lodging.  Save a little extra spending money by following a few ways to save on your summer vacation.

Stay Within a Tank of Gas

Just because it is summer and you want to travel does not mean you need to get on a plane or drive halfway across the country.  Instead, stay within a few hours of home.  Visit the other side of the state, an amusement park, major city, or camping, and it will still feel like you are on vacation.  If you think about your home state, I bet there are family friendly tourist areas that you have not even visited yet, probably some major cities, or pack up the car and head camping at a lake you have always wanted to take the family to.

Vacation Does Not Mean Always Eating Out

Whether you are staying in a hotel room, tent, or a rented house, does not mean that you have to eat every meal out.  Even if you plan on going out to dinner each time at least take a trip to the local grocery store and plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks to cover your trip.  The amount of money you will save on buying even snacks and drinks will add up to huge savings.  If there is a BBQ on site, take advantage of the nice weather and everything tastes better off the grill.

Late Summer Getaways

If you have tried to book a hotel or rental property on a lake this summer in the months of June, July, or even August, you probably have noticed you are out of luck.  During those peak travel months the kids are finally out of school and the entire family packs up to head out of town.  Even if you could book during this time, the prices would be outrageous, as property owners know that people will pay during this time.  To benefit for having places available and at lower prices, look at end of August, September, or even early October.  The weather will still be warm and the extra money you will save can go towards dining and entertainment, and the kids could be happy to miss a day or two of school.

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