4 Items to Purchase in June

Weather has finally warmed up, wedding season is in full swing, and not to be happy about hurricane season, but all play a part in what is on sale during the month of June.  Although it may not be the best time of the year to buy a new BBQ grill, there are plenty of items that you can watch out for in the month of June if you are in the market.

Vacation deals

Trip deals will be the most plentiful on sites such as Groupon and travel sites, as there is enough competition on where to take a trip this summer.  Cruises, all-inclusive, and tropical vacations will offer the best deals, and if you do not mind traveling during the potential hurricane season, you could be in on an even better deal.  If you are able to be flexible on travel days and can wait until the last minute, then travel plans can be made at a fraction of the cost of planning in advance.

Gym Memberships

As gym memberships are booked up after New Year’s resolutions are made, as soon as February and March passes, you will notice crowds starting to thin out.  In order to keep the machines packed during the entire year you will find June deals on joining, giving discounts on enrollment and/or monthly fees.  While you are now in a healthy lifestyle, you will also find it not being a coincidence that workout clothes are at discount prices as well.

In-Season Fresh Food

If you are used to paying $4 dollars for a carton of strawberries in the winter, you should now see fruit and vegetable prices going back down as these items are now in-season.  If you are into buying local these days, then check out the farmer’s market on the weekend, where you can find great deals while supporting local farmers.

Household Items

While the shift to cook outside is now in full force, you can find household cooking items and dishes on sale to make sure your oven is not neglected.  While gardening and landscaping is the priority in the summer, to encourage interior projects in addition to outdoor work, low prices on tools and paint can be found.  If the weather is too hot, working in the cool house can be appealing, so it cannot hurt to plan a few summer interior projects.


  1. The gym salespeople are really aggressive when you try to sign up during the winter. They included a bunch of extra equipment and mainenance fees when I applied that I noticed in the contract and I said no thanks, I’d just work out at home instead

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