4 Items That Will Be Less Expensive This Summer

Although it seems that prices seem to continue to rise each year, there are certain months when everyday items reach a low and it is time to make the purchase right away.  Whether it is the warmer weather putting consumers in a better mood, retailers know the same, so will be looking to increase prices where they can.  For certain items, you can be fortunate enough to catch a break on this summer.

Milk, Cheese, and Eggs

For decades dairy has seem to consistently increase, but it may not be as bad as of late.  Milk prices have taken a nose dive due to oversupply, not only in the United States, but everywhere.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price of milk is down 7% to last year, and in Wisconsin, being at a six-year low.  Hand-in-hand with the milk supply, the United States is sitting on an oversupply of cheese and prices are expected to continue to drop.  The days of the egg shortage due to bird flu and prices have plummeted.

Beef and Pork

Beef prices have been dropping throughout all of 2016 with the average price of ground beef down to $3.82 according to the BLS, a drop of 10% from the previous year.  Although not as steep as beef, pork has seen a 3% drop, with the exception of bacon, which continues to rise, go figure.


Memorial Day did tick up gas prices as of late, but no need to cancel summer travel plans just yet.  Now that we are into June you will see prices continue to slowly rise as we go well into summer, but the good news is that prices are $0.50 cents lower than they were last year when we thought we were getting a bargain.  GasBuddy states that we will have the cheapest summer at the pump in a decade, so plan those picnics, trips to the beach, or even a cross-country vacation that you have been putting off.


As the price of gasoline drops to increase road trips, so does airfare.  The airlines are able to lower fares 12% compared to last year, 20% compared to the year before, but do not feel bad, they are not hurting for profits.  If you are looking to travel abroad, due to the American dollar being strong, you will find deals on foreign travel on sale for the taking.


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    It is rediculas the cost of living has gone up but social security has stayed the same .how are we suppose to live like that if you have to take meds on a daily basis I have to choose or your meds.]you tell us .what we need to do.

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