5 Tips for Moving Day

Moving day can be a very stressful day. However, with a bit of planning it can be a little less stressful. This article will provide you with five tips for moving day to make it as pleasant as possible.

Move Yourself

When moving local it is okay to rent a moving truck and move yourself. It may seem easier to have movers come in and do the move for you yet the prices they charge will make you want to cry. Instead, enlist the help of friends and family and you can save loads of money on your move. Additionally, if you are able to move during the week you will save even more money because moving truck rentals are usually cheaper on weekdays versus the weekends.

Pre-Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen of Your New Home

After you have finally moved in all of your items, you will be tired. However, you and your family are still going to need to eat dinner and shower. To avoid having to waste extra money ordering out before you start moving items in, pre-clean the bathroom and the kitchen of your new home. This way, once you have everything moved you can easily do a quick dinner and everyone can take showers without having to worry about the cleaning process of those two rooms seeming like it is taking forever.

Have an Overnight Bag Handy

Moving is very tiring and it can be even more stressful when you have to frantically search for basic items that you need immediately. Therefore, everyone should have their overnight bag packed and in the car so there is not an issue once at the new place. Nothing is worse than having to go through tons of boxes to find items such as toilet paper and toothbrushes.

Do Not Take Unwanted Items with You

Let’s face it, the more stuff you move with you the more it is going to cost you to move. Therefore, it is suggested that you get rid of your unwanted items by selling them, giving them away, or donating them. Whatever you do, do not put them in the moving truck so you can get the smallest truck possible. Besides, if you are not going to use them, you do not need them taking up space in your new place.

Put Essential Items in a Clear Plastic Bin

When you are moving yourself, it can take a long time to unpack everything and get your home the way you want it. Therefore, items that you know you are going to need such as laundry detergent, sandwich bags that have screws for beds and other larger items, and anything else you would need to have access to within a week or two, need to be in a plastic bin. This allows you to access them as needed or unpack them the next day so they are readily available when you need to use them.

Moving yourself on moving day can be complex yet with these five tips, moving day can go a lot smoother.


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