7 Excellent Tips to Save Money

Looking for some easy to implement saving techniques? If you are, you’re in luck, because today’s blog is all about how to save every day and stick to your budget. Enjoy!

Tip1) Clip coupons at the Library. If you buy the newspaper every week just to get the coupons, you’re wasting money. You can usually get them at the library for free (and they usually don’t mind).

Tip 2) Find the lowest priced grocery store in town and make it yours. Think Walmart has the lowest prices on food and sundry items? Think again. Dollar stores have excellent prices on things like detergent, decorations, light bulbs and more. Aldi, a smaller supermarket chain, has amazing prices on their own brands of many different things, and also sells produce at phenomenally low prices.

Tip 3) Stop washing most clothes after only one use. Unless you’re talking about underwear or socks, or clothes that are extremely dirty or sweaty, there’s really no need to wash them after only one usage. In fact, you can let jeans go for months without washing them and, depending on what they were used for, many shirts can simply be thrown in the dryer with the rest of the wash rather than washed and dried, to freshen them up.

Tip 4) Use a list when shopping and stick to it. Impulse buying is a big problem for many consumers. If you make a list before you go shopping, whether it’s for groceries, clothing or what have you, and stick to that list, you’ll spend a lot less almost every time.

Tip 5) Turn off the lights. This one is huge! So many people leave lights on around the house all day long, even when they aren’t there. You and your family need to get in the habit of turning lights off when you leave the room, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Those extra few minutes every day add up and amount to quite a bit of savings on your electric bill.

Tip 6) Make one big trip instead of several smaller trips. This is a great way to save gasoline and time. Every morning you should make a list of all of the things you need to do that day and, if possible, arrange them around picking up the kids, work and whatever else you have going on. That way, rather than making several different smaller trips, you make one big trip and save gas.

Tip 7) Take a long, hard look at your insurance. Today there are a ton of insurance companies vying for your business. If you haven’t looked at your insurance, for your home, car and health, and done some comparisons lately, it’s time you did. There’s a very good chance that you’ll save a lot of money by switching Insurance companies and, if you combine your insurance and get everything covered by one company and one plan, possibly save even more.


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