How You Can Save Money Around the Holidays

Now that we’re in mid-November, holiday shopping is about to go in full-force, if it hasn’t already.  This doesn’t just include Christmas shopping and party planning, but also around Thanksgiving as well, which can add up to be another costly holiday, which makes all the more reason to save money where you can.  By starting as early as you can at least you can break up the burden over many paychecks instead of all at once, but there are also a few tricks where you can maximize savings.

Set a Budget

If you’re not careful, you can add up your credit card balance pretty quickly when it comes to holiday shopping.  You get into the festive mood and want to overdo it on food, drinks, decorations, and gifts, so you keep loading up your shopping cart.  The best way to keep spending until control is to set a budget, or a sub category to your household budget that you have already.  This way, maybe it’s have a set amount of cash to use until it’s gone, you can spend what you can afford and hopefully not go overbudget with the risk of not being able to pay the balance and have to pay interest.

Build Credit Card Rewards

Probably the best reason to use a credit card is the amount of rewards that you can get in return for just making the normal purchases you would be making anyways, and get back rewards in the form of airline miles, points that you can redeem for gift cards, or a simple cashback check.  While you’re doing your holiday shopping you might as well not leave free money on the table and use your credit card instead of a debit card.  You just have to be careful though, when you see the rewards start to add up, you may be inclined to go on a spending spree just for the rewards, but if you can’t pay the balance and have to pay interest, that can outweigh any rewards you would get in return.

Take Advantage of Sales

The end of the year sales around the holidays can be the best time of the year not only for Christmas shopping, but also any items that you may need around the house.  While sales such as Black Friday, and most of that weekend really, not to mention sales every weekend to get you to go shopping, you can find basically anything on sale from TV’s, to clothes, to even cars.

Compare Prices

It used to be that when you are comparing prices you would have to drive all over town to see what that store was charging, wasting your whole day to maybe save a few bucks, but fortunately now whether you are in-store, you can always compare online to Amazon, or comparable sites within minutes to see if you’re getting a good deal.  Instead of wasting your day, you can click from website to website in the matter of seconds, to determine if you should buy the product in-store or online.

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