How-to Earn a Few Bucks (while Unemployed)

Relying on unemployment benefits while you’re on the hunt for a new job may not cut it.

It’s probably crossed your mind to pick up some side-gigs or part-time work. You’ve already checked your unemployment eligibility and started receiving the support. Good on you. Yet, bills still need to be paid and you’re itching to do something other than wallow in self-pity around the house.

Before you go about doing that:

·  Working a job that has you filing a 1099 may affect your benefits

·  You must report any income you earn during the time you’re earning benefits

·  Many states remove benefits if you go over 30 hours a week

·  Most states won’t allow you to go over your weekly benefit amount

It’s important that you check with the unemployment office before you take on any part-time or contract position while you’re collecting unemployment.

Let’s talk about ways to earn a few bucks while unemployed now that we got that out of the way.

Basic Services/Gigs

Basic services & gigs are what I’d say to be what anyone can do without much experience:

·  House cleaning

·  Dog walking

·  Babysitting

·  Washing cars

·  Clean pools

·  Moving

·  Mowing lawns

·  Driving

The type of jobs you may have had as a teenager. These jobs aren’t going to pay a lot but with enough of them you’ll be able to pay some of the basic bills. Plus, the majority will pay in cash.

Nowadays it’s easy to find these gigs on your phone or online:

·  Apps: TaskRabbit, FieldAgent, Uber or Lyft

·  Website: FB job groups, Fiverr, Rover,

No doubt you have a skill you could offer to earn a few bucks each day.

Selling & Flipping

We all know about Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist.

These are great platforms to unload unneeded stuff to earn a few bucks. The payment processing may take a few days so take that into consideration. For faster cash you could always pawn the items, using an FB buy, sell, trade group, or use apps like LetGo or OfferUp.

Can’t let your stuff go? Try flipping.

This is where it gets fun (and you learn a good negotiation skills which could help in the job hunt). The platforms are the same as above but in this case, you spend money to make money. Sometimes you can find items for free, too.

This has been success for me – I’m sure it would be the same for you:

1.  Browse through the selling apps and sites and look for furniture (tables, chairs, etc.)

2.  Negotiate a lower price (try to not spend more than $20-$40 on an item)

3.  Pick it up and bring it home

4.  Use a sander to strip the old finish

5.  Go on Pinterest and other design boards to get decoration ideas

6.  Repaint or add a nice finish to these pieces – giving them a proper update

7.  Relist them on the apps or sites at a profit

You could do this with clothes, electronics, and all type of stuff – develop a good eye for deals and you’ll be making bank!

Micro Work

Just because you’re not at a stable position doesn’t mean you can’t earn a few bucks with your skills:

·  Talk with the former employer to see if they’ll throw small tasks your way as if you were a freelance professional. It takes a while to find someone to replace your position. If you’re still on good terms it’s worth the shot.

·  Get in touch with website owners or small businesses to offer consulting in your topic of expertise. This helps their business, you’ll get a kick back, and it may turn into a job if they want to keep you on board.

Don’t squabble your skills while you’re at the job. Hustle and find people that need it for small projects to keep the skills sharp and a few bucks coming in.

What would you recommend for earning a few bucks while unemployed?

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