February Money Challenge Update – Half Way Through

Greetings, all!  I just wanted to give you a quick update of my New Money Challenges for February at the halfway point (to view the original post on money challenges)

1. Drive once per week. I feel like I’ve been doing well with this one, with a few exceptions.  One problem I didn’t foresee: travel outside of New Haven.  I rode home to Boston last weekend (yes, in a car) and drove around that area in a car a few times.  I’m also traveling 2 hours from home in a car this weekend, so I’ll be breaking the rules yet again.  Other than these few transgressions, I’ve been doing well and haven’t broken these rules in New Haven at least! I’ve been riding my bike almost every day to and from work, and it’s been easy.

2. No email 6p-10p.  I would call this one a success! I’ve stayed off of email, with a few exceptions of checking archived emails to work on other things.  But I haven’t been on there sending emails, and I think that’s been helpful.

3. Planning my time.  I’ve been doing good, but not great, with this one.  I’ve planned about 80% of my free time, and I’m convinced that it’s helped me get more done when I need to.  A few times I’ve forgotten to plan ahead, and weekends, which are much more open-ended, have been a little tougher to plan.  I think the better approach would be to simply create a quick and loose plan and then do my best to follow it.

4. No buying “things”.  I think I’ve passed this one, too, except for one (debatable) purchase: I spent $3 on an Arcade Fire mp3 album.  It’s not a physical item, but I guess it technically broke the rules.  I simply didn’t realize it at the time when I bought it and would take it back if I could.  Oh well, I’m not gonna get too upset over $3, and I still feel successful.

I’m still thinking of new ideas for next month.  Let me know if you have any (reasonable) suggestions.

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