Filing Your Taxes is Easier Than You Think

Filing your taxes is an inevitable annual process, and for many people, it hangs over their heads until tax season is over. Even though many methods are available to aid in this process, tax season has gotten a bad reputation as a time when you have to spend money with an expensive accounting firm to find out how much more of that hard-earned money to give up to the government. Or you might figure you’ll waste your refund money on frivolous things. As it turns out, many of the negative stereotypes associated with tax season are simply myths.

Filing your taxes used to mean taking them to an accountant who worked some magic, spoke a language you didn’t quite understand, and took your money. Recently, many online resources have begun to offer programs to make it easy to do your own taxes. It didn’t take long for smartphone providers to offer apps on their smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile, to allow users to file taxes from anywhere within the extensive and reliable network. And filing on your smartphone offers the flexibility and simplicity you can’t get from filing by traditional methods.

More people than ever are filing their own taxes now without the need for an expensive accountant. Filing your own taxes doesn’t mean you won’t get a refund, either. In fact, the IRS paid back over $217 billion in refunds in 2015, so refunds are very likely. Taxes go toward helping the educational systems, transportation systems, and other public service systems that make life easier. So instead of falling for tax myths that make you dread tax season, check out these interesting facts and start looking forward to all the positives that come from this time of year.


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