Free ‘Money After College’ Ebook on the Way!

As you may have seen in my post about spending after college on Monday, I will be releasing a new, free ebook in early May.  The working title is “Money After College” and it’s coming together as a nice guide for those graduating this May.  The idea: give grads an easy, introductory guide to follow right out of college. It’s something I wish I had, and I know others wish they did, too.  There will be plenty of great info in the guide for those who’ve been out of college for a few years (like me).

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the Money Spruce email list to get access as soon as it’s released.  I encourage you to share the link for the ebook to anyone that can use it, especially any college grads.  Forget cash and gift cards for graduation gifts this year.  Give the gift of a fianancial future instead by passing on “Money After College” when it’s released 🙂

Thanks ahead of time for all of your support.  If you have anything you think I should include in the book, please comment below.

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