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jeffrey-trullI’m Jeffrey Trull. My focus is on increasing the social impact of your business by helping you tell your story and reach your tribe.

Here’s some background on me and my road to becoming a content strategist:

As an employee at small nonprofit with a tiny marketing budget, I was unhappy our limited ability attract supporters and donations.

I worked hard and the nonprofit I worked at did great work, but we just weren’t able to reach enough potential supporters and tell them our nonprofit’s amazing story. I was dying to change that.

Traditional nonprofit marketing tactics took too much time and cost too much money. I knew there had to be a better way to spread the word about the great work social businesses and nonprofits do using content and featuring stories on how we impacted our community.

After implementing a comprehensive content strategy, we were able to share these stories, keep previous donors in the loop using email marketing, and attract new supporters with blog content.

Today, I use content strategy to help social businesses and nonprofits attract multiple times more leads, supporters, and revenue. The impact it’s had is amazing.

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