I Quit – Fancy Beers When I’m Out

fancy-beersThis post is part of a series where I “quit” something as a bit of a celebration up until I leave my job. Don’t worry – I only give up things that I don’t like or think aren’t worth the money.

This week, I quit expensive drinks at bars. I’m a beer brewer and a general craft beer drinker aka beer snob. I was legit upset when I couldn’t get anything better than Miller Lite at the Financial Bloggers Conference (we need to work on this, Phil!) J Money couldn’t even get his Blue Moon on!

Luckily, New Haven has pretty decent happy hours. Recently, I was at a bar that offers pretty standard beers (like Guinness, Harp, Sam Adams, etc.) for $6 a pint! Ouch! But then I noticed I could get a Heineken for $3, and I picked that instead. Hmm. This got me thinking.

Of course, the real kicker is that buying a good beer at the liquor store costs about $1-2 a bottle (and $3 a bottle will get you something really nice).  So, I thought, “why not just drink cheap beer at bars and save the expensive stuff for at home?!” Obviously, when I’m sampling beers (like I will be in Vermont this weekend), this plan isn’t going to work. But if it’s a choice of just any old beer, I’m going to give this a shot and see how it works out, but it definitely sounds like a money saver to me. Anything thing I can do to get funds into my $10k escape fund would be amazing!

Check back next week when I quit something else (that isn’t my job – yet). Happy iPhone 4s Friday, everyone!

$ $ $ $

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  1. Sounds like a plan.  I’m a Blue Moon and Heineken kind of gal right now.  And I drink it at home to save.  I’ve cut back recently, but when I do have a brew, I want to really enjoy it.  That’s frugal to me!

  2. I only drink pricier drinks at home.  I have a thing for Bell’s, which is a Michigan-based brewer.  They pump out some great stuff, but at a bar it’s like $4, which is extremely expensive in my neck of the woods.  At the liquor store, 6 are maybe $9, which even then is well above the going price.  (I love the midwest!)

    At the bar, I go for the cheaper stuff. Granted, a bar here has all drafts for $2 on Tuesdays, so I’m a Guinness or Newcastle dude on those days, but almost everywhere else I’ll get whatever’s cheapest.  Usually this coincides well with my intent for the night out, which is rarely “drink beer and enjoy it,” and instead more about the quantity.  😉

  3. Wo wo wo, easy. You might want to re-think this rather drastic step. The last time a saw a beer article on a blog, the author was never heard from again. ha!

    When I was younger I would have saved a LOT of money by cutting out the fancy beer, but not so much now. You’re making me feel so old!

  4. Margo Mosher says

    Sounds good. But, you’ll still be buying me nice beers when we’re out, right? 🙂 

  5. I must be some kind of a loser 🙂 I don’t drink beer at all. I drink wine once in a while (read : twice an year) but other than that I don’t drink at all.

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