Is “Black Friday” really the best day for Holiday Deals?

It’s become an American tradition (albeit one that many Americans abhor); shopping for ‘deals’ on Black Friday. What most consumers believe is that it’s the best day of the year to get deals from many of the nation’s top retailers, but some interesting statistics from DealNews recently have shown that, in fact, Black Friday is no longer the best day of the year for shoppers.

Looking at statistics from 2013, including from “Cyber Monday”, they found that the deals offered on Thanksgiving Day, when many retailers have started opening their doors early, are actually better than those on the subsequent Black Friday, even though consumers haven’t yet realized that fact.

Indeed, they found that on Thanksgiving there are nearly 7 times as many “Editor’s Choice” deals available to consumers than on any of the other average days in November, one of the busiest months of the year for shopping in general.

Unfortunately what that means is that, if you’re looking for the absolute best deals out there, trudging out to the store on a full stomach is your only choice.

What about “Cyber Monday”?

Here’s another surprise from the statistics that DealNews put together; Cyber Monday is actually a better day to get deals then Black Friday.

That being said, the editors at DealNews also suggest that shoppers should consider the Saturday and Sunday between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday to do their shopping as, on those days combined, there’s approximately 40% more Editors Choice deals available.

In effect, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although great days for getting discounts on plenty of items, aren’t as good as they used to be simply because, these days, Holiday shopping isn’t about a single day but several of them.

In fact, the entire month of November is an excellent month for getting blockbuster sales and deals at most major retailers across the country. With the editors at DealNews suggest is that, if you see something that you want to purchase and the price looks good, don’t wait to purchase it.

At the end of the day, the holiday season is the one that retailers depend on to increase their bottom line for the entire year. During November and also December there will be deals aplenty to find all over and, if you’re not really keen on leaving your family and your nice comfy home to try and save a few dollars, there will still be plenty of deals to go around.

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