Location Rebel Review: The Definitive Guide to Location Independence

Location RebelSince I started reading Sean’s blog and watching him travel to awesome places like Bali and Thailand, I always knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. But I wasn’t always sure how to do it. Then, Sean released Location Rebel, and I signed up to join his pilot group immediately. I’ve been working on the program for a month now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s my Location Rebel review, and why I think it’s among the best courses out there.

What You’ll Learn

Sean is big on becoming a “relative expert” and learning several new skill sets as rapidly as possible. On top of being a success story himself, Sean profiles 7 other Location Rebels that all make a living in different ways using different skills. These are new faces that you haven’t seen before, and it’s refreshing to see their successes, often without a boatload of expensive and lengthy formal education. These people all do things that you can learn quickly and start earning right away.

What Makes This Course Different

Not only does Location Rebel tell you what the entrepreneurs in this course do, but there are a ton of resources to get going on learning how to do what they do. Sure, you can try to locate these resources online for free. But Location Rebel has the resources that others recommend and have used to make thousands in their respective fields.

The Location Rebel Forums have been extremely helpful in finding the answers to my questions and identifying with others that have the same goals that I do. Sean’s been great in providing answers and supporting everyone along the way, too. This isn’t a course that Sean’s just created and then moved on from. He’s committed to improving LR and making sure it’s the best possible resource.


What If You Don’t Want To Be “Location Independent?”

I’m definitely into traveling, moving, and working wherever I please. But maybe that’s not for you. Luckily, the amazing help that Location Rebel can offer doesn’t end right there.

Do you simply want to work from home? The guide in Location Rebel will show you how to start earning money right away through quickly picking up new skills to become a “relative expert” while leveraging the skills you already possess, too.

Do you want to stay at your job? Location Rebel will will help you craft a remote work agreement. Through the Location Rebel Entrepreneur Blueprints, you’ll learn how others have successfully negotiated for remote work with their employers.

Why You Should Try Location Rebel

Sean is committed to the success of the Location Rebel members. He genuinely wants everyone in Location Rebel to succeed, so much so that he’s guaranteed the success of this program. Sean had me hooked before I even saw his guarantee – Sean has guaranteed that you’ll make at least $1,000 in the first three months of Location Rebel. That’s many times the price of the course, back to you in just 3 months. I’ve already starting working as an SEO freelancer, and I’m already seeing things start to ramp up in Month 2 of LR. I feel so confident in this course that I announced I would leave my job less than a year from now. The course focuses a lot on making money through learning and using legit skills and leveraging those skills to your advantage quickly.

I’ve invested over $1,000 in online courses over the past year. A lot of these courses have been great, but I haven’t identified 100% with any one of them, nor have I been able to apply everything that’s in them right away, either. Location Rebel changed all that. I’m applying what I learned right now, and I’m already beginning to reap the benefits. I’m convinced that I will make back my investment many times over.

Whether you’re interested in Location Rebel right now or not, check out the free Location Rebel Arsenal and case studies and see how others have achieved a location independent lifestyle. If you do take the dive, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I hope to see you on the inside 🙂

$ $ $ $

Yes, this post contains affiliate links. But hey – I’m in the course (and even featured as a testimonial!).


  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    I thought I’d check in on each of my tribes mates.  I have really liked the quality of the content you are sharing here.  I learn something new each time and I love how you put yourself into your writing.

    Looking forward to learning more from you,


  2. Hey Jeffrey!  Great write-up on Location Rebel and I couldn’t agree with you more on what a great program it is.  I have personally gained so much not only from the content but from the forums as well.  And based on what I’ve learned and implemented I’ve already been working with my very first client.  Excited to be hanging out and working with you in there.  Cheers!

  3. Sounds intriguing Jeffrey!  I used to be location independent, ready to pack my bags anywhere in the country when I was single and worked as a consultant!   Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it! 

  4. I really like this concept, and if I was a few years younger I might even find a way to apply some of these lessons to my life. Just planning our next military move next year makes me feel a bit like a location rebel.

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