Famous Money Movie Moments and Lessons (with Video!)

I’ll admit: I’ve had a bit of a financial reading overload lately, so I’ve pared back my writing and reading a bit. Quitting day is coming up soon, too, and I’ve been focused on the SEO with a lot of my time, too.

How do I get past the burnout? Watch money movie clips instead! Sure, most of them are fiction, but there’s still some important lessons to be found as always.

I had a little fun with a few movie clips that I think of when I think of money advice.

Making sure to get the money, not just save it

The classic “money” movie line from Jerry McGuire that we all think of when we want the money:

Lesson: Go for the money instead of simply trying to cut back. Eventually you just gotta say it!

Excessive greed and cheapness will burn you

Trading Spaces is definitely one of the funniest money movies of all time. Here’s a clip towards the end of the movie (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it before):

Lesson: Greed will only come back to get you. Don’t be cheap, especially when you can afford to be generous.

Moving to the world of smartphones

Not exactly a money-related quote, but I just made it one. Billy Madison says it best for me:


Lesson: “Stay” with a cheap phone as long as you can. You’ll save a bundle, and the other side might not be so awesome anyway.

Spending money to make money isn’t always the worst thing

Ah, the original classic movie about big business and greed: Citizen Kane!

http://youtu.be/tzhb3U2cONs?t=2m5s (sorry, you have to go to YouTube to see this one)

Lesson: Not every business move you make will be profitable, and you sometimes need to spend money to make money. You don’t have to go broke, but you do need a strategy.

Smarter than the next guy

The Sting is one of my favorite movies, period. Newman + Redford = legendary.

This clip is one of their many cons throughout the movie. Damn are these guys smart.

Lesson: You don’t have to be the only one in business. You just have to be willing to do what it takes to “out-hustle” the others in your pack.

Big Corporations can be “lose-lose”

I love Jimmy Stewart, and I’m sure everyone is familiar with his role as George Bailey, President of the Savings and Loan in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Lesson: The “big guys” aren’t always bad news, but often the small, local companies can relate to your better. Seek to do business with those who care about your community and even you, rather than those that just seem to give the best deal on the surface.

Awful jobs

Who can forget the miserable cubicle workers on the cult classic Office Space. Watching Peter live a miserable life from corporate desk is enough to make anyone sick to their stomach:

Lesson: No one wants to deal with “TPS reports” every day. Find a job that you can love rather than one where you merely exist.

Hope you enjoyed the clips!

Are there any other money movie moments you would add?

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