Only 72: If You’re Serious About Building an Online Business

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I’m writing today about the Only 72 sale. It’s 90% off over $1,000 in ebooks and guides for the entrepreneur – but only for 72 hours.

Why I’m writing a post about it

Almost 2 years ago, I began searching for a different path in life. I was frustrated with where I was headed, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. That’s when I stumbled upon a few different Ebooks about starting an online business – one of which was How to Live Anywhere by Karol Gajda (one of the Only72 creators). I was hooked!
Today, I’m well on my way with an online business that I can work from anywhere. After I quit my job (in just over three weeks now!), I’ll be supporting myself entirely from online income:
  • through this blog
  • with my online SEO business and
  • a regular freelance writing position
All of this is a direct result of following guides like the ones offered in this sale. In fact, I’ll be buying this sale myself. These guides are from some of the best in the business, and I’m wicked excited to learn more about developing iPhone apps and continue to build up my freelance business.

What you get

Everyone gets all of the following for just $100:

The $100 Startup – the Hardcover book with shipping included. Written by Chris Guillebeau.

Better Blogging ($137 in value)

Corbett Barr – Creating, Marketing, and Designing A Blog That Matters

Susannah Conway – Blogging From The Heart (eBook version)

Passion-based Business ($137)

Jonathan Mead — Identifying Your Passion Module + Workbook

Scott Dinsmore — Live Off Your Passion (eBook version)

Freelancing ($111)

Ashley Ambirge — You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts

Men With Pens — Freelancer Package: Write for Web, Guest Posting Guide, Beyond Brick & Mortar

Confidence & Courage ($129)

Johnny B. Truant — Tao of Awesome

Marianne Elliot — 30 Days of Courage (w/ Yoga Module)

Selling & Advertising ($144)

Pam Slim — Ethical Selling That Works

David Risley — Double Your Ad Income

Technology & Systems ($171)

Josh Kaufman — The Personal MBA Guide to Small Business Infrastructure

Free The Apps — How to Make iPhone Apps <— I’ll be reading this first

Brett Kelly — Evernote Essentials

Artists & Writers ($130)

Alyson Stanfield — Turning Your Hobby into a Career (download & audio program)

Chris Guillebeau — Unconventional Guide to Publishing

Click here to go to the sale

Who it’s for

This sale would be an awesome start for anyone looking to make a living online using their talents and passions. It’s not about making a quick buck – it’s about working to build a solid, sustainable business.

If you’re looking to take your online business to the next level, this is an awesome way to do that.

Either way, there’s a wide array of options for doing that with these guides – blogging, freelancing, iPhone apps, and more.

Just one of two of these ebooks could cost more than $100 in this sale.

Remember – it’s only available for 72 hours, starting at 12 pm EST today and ending at 12 pm EST on Thursday.

Click here to purchase

Even if it’s not for you this time, I totally understand. No hard feelings at all. But you can still head to their site and get on the list for future sales.

Thanks again for reading. This post does have affiliate links for which I get a commission for each sale. But I truly recommend this – it’s something I really believe in.

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