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One of the largest investments we will ever make in our lives is our college educations. The cost is even greater for those that start but never finish school. They generally have student loans and debt that is harder to pay back without the benefit of having your degree. This is all the more reason to take your education seriously, pass your exams, and perhaps get a little help on essays if needed! Help on essays you ask? Writing was never my thing in school, I believed in pure true and false answers, not the arbitrary essay writing that always seemed to pull my grades down just as I raised them up. If you need help doing your essay then rest assured you have options.

There are services out there that will offer confidential essay writing services for a cost that is equivalent to the academic level of the paper. For instance,  if you have a 14+ day lead time and only require a high school equivalent paper then the cost is as low as $10. Whereas, a doctoral thesis that requires a 24 hour turnaround time could you run you $48. There are various costs in between depending on whether you are a bachelor or masters level, and how quickly you require the essay. Even if you are a typical procrastinator when it comes to writing papers, you should avoid this habit when purchasing them!

This probably seems too good to be true, but it’s not. The writers are carefully screened and vetted in order to ensure they are able to achieve the quality of writing desired.  They first must pass a 4-hour online test to gauge their overall proficiency. From there they must pass a test based on their knowledge and command of citation styles. The collection of writers are as varied as the customers who order the essays. This includes people from different countries speaking different languages.  If you are concerned about the specific writer assigned to your task then you have the option of paying an additional $5 for three writing samples to see if you approve of their work.

The most important aspects of a service of this nature include guarantees, privacy, and plagiarism free papers. First, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the paper then you will receive your money back. Second, you can expect total anonymity and privacy when ordering and receiving your paper. Last, and probably most importantly, you can be assured that each paper is original content with no hints of plagiarism or copied work.

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