Overpriced Items to Look to Avoid

One of the best way to come in under budget each month is to not only reduce impulse and unnecessary expenses, but to also reduce necessary monthly expenses as well.  If your monthly food budget is say $500, if you find a way to come in at $400 instead, you can use that $100 to invest that will grow considerably more over time instead of whatever you were going to buy in its place.  With just a few tweaks in the purchases we may, we can go from spending money on overpriced items to save money each month.

Movie Theatre Snacks

Going to the movies is expensive enough, but I guess if you’re looking for something to do on a date night, then under $25 isn’t too bad for tickets, but once you start throwing in snacks and drinks, let alone alcohol, is where your night can get expensive pretty quickly.  Especially if you are bringing the entire family to the movies, you could be looking at $100 in tickets and snacks just for seeing what will probably be a mediocre movie otherwise.  It may be worth it to order a movie on-demand at home or on one of the many streaming services, and have your own food and snacks at home.


My wife tried her hand in the cosmetic “pyramid scheme” for a while, when she tried selling cosmetics on the side.  While she actually was very good, there is limited growth and unrealistic sales goals in order to actually make any money, but what I did notice was the ridiculous markup of the product compared to what she should buy it for to what she was selling, and anywhere in between based upon the many levels of selling and what you can earn of each product.

Pre-Cut Produce

Sure, you get what you pay for, and that is definitely true when it comes to time equals money.  Cutting up fruits and veggies when you get home from the grocery store can be a task in itself in addition to washing, so it makes sense that we would want to buy already cut up produce.  The problem is, you will pay likely at least quadruple the price, so you have to ask yourself if it worth it to save a few minutes cutting when it adds up to real savings by just buying produce as it is.

Gift Wrapping/Bag/Card

It’s actually surprising how much money you can save on greeting cards, gift bags, wrapping, and tissue paper by skipping the normal drugstores and departments stores and going straight to the dollar store.  At running around $6 per greeting card anywhere else, you can probably stock up on everything you need to wrap gifts for the same price, which shows you how much of a markup goes into it, not to mention how little that those things actually matter when it comes to giving gifts.  You’re lucky if the card is even saved, but everything else goes straight into the trash besides the gift.

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