Questions to Ask When Buying a House

buy-a-houseThere are many different questions to ask when you’re looking at buying . You might ask “Where will I buy?” or “How much will it cost?” or even  “How much can I borrow?” These are all great questions and factors that you sort out before you decide it’s time to buy. Let’s take a closer look at these and other questions that are related to buying a house.

1) How’s the housing market? There are lots of different trends going on with housing across the country right now. Prices continue to fall in certain areas while house values have stabilized elsewhere. If prices continue to stay low in a place that you’d like to live, consider buying soon

2) How much you can afford? Take a look at a mortgage payments calculator that will help you figure out how much the the monthly payments will be on a house that you’re interested in.

3) Will you be living there a long time? There are many different types of mortgage products out there, and some of them depend on how long you’re planning to live in the same place. If you’re not planning to stay in your house more than a few years, make sure that’s part of the financing process when you take out a mortgage. Either way, getting a home loan should consider how much you’re paying over the life of the entire loan and not just what monthly payments and interest rates you’re paying.

4) Will I need to make improvements? Many per-owned homes come with at least some problems that need attention if you decide to buy. Other times there many be certain elements that just aren’t to your liking and you’ll want to renovate things to personalize your space. Don’t forget to factor these costs into your home buying figures when you’re deciding on your offer to purchases a house. It is important to save for these type of occurrences so that you have the funds to pay a contractor like Columbus roofing.

5) Is this house a good deal? Often times prospective home buyers fall in love with a house before they even know the price they will have to pay for it. This can cause problems as they may be acting on emotion and attachment rather than getting the best financial deal they can. Make sure that the price you’re offering is reasonable and won’t leave you with regrets later. Make your offer below the asking price with this in mind. If you can’t get down to a price that you’re okay with, be prepared to walk away. Don’t forget, there are always other options out there that may be just as good.

These are still only a small amount of the questions you should be asking yourself before buying a home.

What other questions would you ask?



  1. These are great questions. In addition to these, when we were looking at a house, we took neighbourhood into high consideration. Living in a good neighbourhood helps keep your house value and ensures you are safe. 

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