How to Save Money on a Long-Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

As a motorcyclist, you know that road trips are better on two wheels. You’ve got freedom. When everyone else is stuck in gridlock, you’re able to weave your way out of traffic. You can pretty much park everywhere, and your bike is harder to tow than a car or truck. Certainly, there are plenty of advantages to driving a motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean road trips are any cheaper.

Overall, motorcycle ownership is less expensive than owning another vehicle type; however, you don’t have a ton of storage, which means you can’t take many supplies on the road with you. This has the potential to make long-distance trips a bit more costly. Typical costs include fuel, food, accommodations, and insurance. Employ the following strategies to help you save on these costs and more. Then, you can brag to all your friends, who still drive on four wheels, about how much better it is to ride a bike.

Look For Insurance Savings

Before you hit the road, make sure you’re not overpaying for motorcycle insurance. Although basic liability is the cheapest coverage, this is limited insurance. It only covers expenses for others, so if you’re in an accident, personal injury and property damage (damage to your bike) won’t be covered if you’re at fault. To get the most comprehensive coverage at a price you can afford, compare rates and look for discounts, such as bundling car, home, and motorcycle insurance.

More ways to save:

  • Increase your deductible.
  • Take a motorcycle safety class.
  • Join a motorcycle club, such as Harley Owners Group, and take advantage of the group’s insurance discounts.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

You’ll use less gas when you’re obeying the rules of the road. Fight the urge to hastily accelerate; instead, maintain your speed and avoid quick breaking. You can also employ the help of a navigating app, which will tell you the fastest route to your destination. You will probably want to get off the beaten path to sightsee, but whenever possible, take advantage of shorter routes and flat stretches of road to save on fuel.

Don’t wait until you’re nearing empty to fill up. This is going to limit you to whatever gas station is nearby. Gas stations are notorious for increasing prices when they’re located nearby a highway exit. If you look for competitive pricing on gas, you can ensure you’re never overpaying. Check out this list of apps that can help: 5 best apps to find cheap gas.

Save Money on Food and Accommodations

Motorcycles don’t have enough storage to keep you satiated on your journey. This means you’ll do most of your eating on the road. Before you head out, make a note of diners and other low-cost restaurants on the way. You should also note grocery and convenience stores. Whenever possible, pop into a grocery store and pick up a few items that will fit in your bag and keep you going for a couple meals, such as bread and lunch meat.

As for accommodations, you’re going to get the most comfort from a hotel or motel; however, these tend to be pricey. To save, consider staying at a hostel or Airbnb property. There are apps that allow you to search for couch surfing opportunities, which are typically free, but it may be dangerous to trust a stranger. Some people see these apps as an opportunity for sexual encounters, which is a bit weird and has led to a decline in their use.

Final Thoughts

Your motorcycle’s manual will tell you when maintenance should be scheduled. For example, it may recommend that you replace the chain and sprockets at 15,000 miles. It may even tell you where to find the best motorcycle batteries for your particular make and model. You can avoid costly repairs if you follow the manual’s advice. Regular maintenance should help prevent breakdowns, which cost a lot. Overall, be safe on the road and take advantage of savings wherever you can find them. If you’re keeping a budget, stick to it and you should be fine.

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