How to Seek Out Smarter Financial Investment Methods

Not everybody likes the prospect of change, especially when it comes to our finances, but looking at new ways to invest could prompt the kind of change that nobody would turn their noses up at; having more disposable income.

Long-term savings accounts and buying stock in the financial market’s most tried and trusted companies has long been the go-to method of earning a steady, if relatively small, yield on savings. Increasingly though, many people are willing to invest in slightly more unusual or higher risk opportunities in order to stand a chance of seeing more significant profits.

Real Estate

This hardly qualifies as out of the box but in today’s economic climate where markets can be notoriously volatile and even the largest companies are not immune to large-scale collapse, investing in property can be a good long-term bet. The very tangible reality of owning a piece of property is also something which many investors are drawn to. If you do a bit of research and rely on some local knowledge and intuition, investing in the right property in the right area could see you turn a fast profit too. If you have some time on your hands, investing in a place that needs some work doing on it can also be a positive incentive when it comes to getting your hands dirty. Hard work always seems a bit easier and more enjoyable when you know that the hours you are putting in are all going towards you making money, and the end result will leave you feeling proud of your achievements.

Peer to Peer Lending

This is a relatively new investment opportunity, so it is one that you need to be cautious with, but it is one that has reported quite strong growth in recent years. Just like it says on the tin, you lend to your peers without the involvement of traditional financial institutions. You choose which loans you would like to fund and then receive interest each month on the amount you have loaned to the borrower. Potential rates of return vary, with one of the major players in this industry, Lending Club, advertising average historical returns of 4.7 to 8.2 percent for notes with grades A through C. This kind of investing can be one that you feel more emotionally attached to by choosing peers whose ideas and objectives resonate with you. Watching them succeed, knowing you played a part in that success, and making some money- the perfect financial storm!


This form of investment can allow you to turn a hobby or passion for something into a fun way of making a little bit of money.  The term “collectibles” covers almost everything you can think of, but oftentimes the most favoured objects are pieces of art, antiques, and sporting memorabilia. The beauty of this is that if you can find a very specific niche market and have the time and patience to seek out specific items, you could end up with some items that are pretty valuable a little way down the line.


Trading on stock and forex markets is a hugely popular way to invest savings in the hope of making them grow. But, while putting money behind established, stable companies can make a small and steady income, to earn significant profits requires a more speculative approach: Discovering the potential for growth in lesser-known businesses and investing in them while shares are cheap is how to make more serious returns on investment, although of course the risks are higher. Spread betting is another alternative to trading where, instead of buying actual shares, investors place bets on how they predict certain assets will fluctuate in value and earn (or lose) money depending on whether they are correct. Many professional traders pursue this avenue to increase their capital in the short term as profits can be instantaneous and gains are tax-free. The risks are higher but so too is the payoff, and for those who study the movement of the market day-to-day there are opportunities to make significant profit. For anyone looking to break into trading with a spread betting or Forex account, the best place to start is by studying how online platforms and tools work, and to read up on the pros and cons from people who have first hand experience in this field of expertise.

Start Ups

The world is changing so quickly these days that companies that didn’t even exist 5 or 10 years ago seem to be getting bought out for billions every other day. Many of these companies started out as nothing more than a couple of guys with big ideas. If you keep your finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving socio-technological landscape, it’s certainly not impossible for you to go out and discover little companies looking for help today who will turn into tomorrow’s next billion dollar success story. Better yet, come up with an idea of your own!

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