Sell it right: how to get your best target audience

Sales are inevitable part of any company’s functioning. The whole departments work over the leading negotiations with the clients and making contracts. A great sales department is able to lead the company out of the crisis and let it survive even in the darkest times. However, the weak salespeople are likely to switch off the interest of the possible customer even of it goes about the well-qualified product or service. Well, which traits are necessary for the prolific salesperson? Today we will talk about the rules of sales and also concentrate some attention on the IT-product selling.

What do you know about your client?

I remember myself getting a call when the operator tried to ask if I was interested in a new mobile application of a certain type. Even though I was, I did not buy it because of some important reasons. When I started making requests on certain details related to the functioning of the product, the salesperson was not able to answer.

Instead of covering my point of interest, he used the words of appraisal and advertisement saying this product is innovative, up-to-date, and long-lasting.

So, if talk about the rules of IT-product, we must exactly know all the technical features of it. For sure, if you have decided to promote an IT-product, you need be prepared for all the kinds of questions connected with IT-scope.

Sensibility Versus Sensitivity

People working in advertisement scope usually say that people make purchase basing on the emotions rather than sensible considerations. All of us know stories how trade workers sell not cars but the sense of freedom, drive and happiness.

Well, does it always work? It depends on situation, so, a good salesperson should also be a great psychologist who judges the traits and needs of his customer immediately.

As some specialists claim, there is only one category of goods where advertisement should consist of emotional ingredients only. Particularly, they are perfumes, elite goods, and upmarket services. As for the industrial equipment and military facilities, successful advertisement is likely to include the elements of sensibility.

Then, in all other cases market analysts divide the ways of communication on emotions connected with belonging to reference group and sensitivity experienced because of associations with the exact brand.

For example, it has been approved that office clerks bought Marlboro been driven by the desire to resemble rugged cowboys.

Nevertheless, one should not forget that the quality of a product or service has to stay on the first place. This factor creates demand. It means, those who initially try to launch a famous brand and only afterwards deal with successful product are going to fail.

Win-win as the living strategy

The entrepreneur and writer Stephen R. Covey offered a great strategy in his book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. This work that was published for the first time in 1989 has not lost its relevance.

The idea of win-win means that you have to help a person but you should not sell in case you cannot lend a hand to him. While trying to sell the product, be attentive towards the needs of a customer and ask questions about his real problems. If a salesperson knows that his key task is to help people, the customers will, definitely, feel this purest desire.

Nevertheless, for a person who knows how to rule the company but is not sure what to do with the sales, there is one option. If you are a bit confuse and do not know which business direction to choose, you should get real-time visibility on your sales or inventory information with NetSuite ERP and encourage successful functioning of the sales department.

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