Selling Your Own Home? Here Are Some Great Tips!

One of the biggest costs that homeowners have when selling their home is one that most falsely believe they can’t do without; commissions to their real estate agent.

With commissions as high as 6%, the cost of paying a real estate agent to help you sell your home is definitely not cheap. For example, on a $280,000 dollar home, your cost (i.e. your real estate agent’s pay) would be nearly $17,000!

You have to admit, that’s a lot of money just for giving people a tour of your home, and that’s why selling it yourself is such a good idea.

Now, we’re not saying that selling your home is easy. It’s not, and requires quite a bit of time, energy and knowledge of the real estate market in your city/town. On the other hand, $17,000 or more is at stake here, depending on the price that you plan to ask for your home, and that’s not chump change. With that in mind, here are a number of excellent Tips that can help you get it done. Enjoy.

Tip #1: Get prepared

In order to sell your home you’re going to need plenty of time to show it, hone your negotiating skills and do a bit of research as well. If you can’t, or don’t have the time, selling it yourself might not be the way to go.

Tip #2: Make sure you price it correctly

This is where research comes in. Knowing what other homes are selling for in your area/community is important so that you don’t over or under-price yours.

Tip #3: Make your home presentable

There’s nothing that will turn off a potential home buyer more then seeing a home that’s gross, messy, in disrepair or otherwise doesn’t look appealing. Take some time to get things in order and, if necessary, spend some money to get repairs done on obvious problems.

Tip #4: Familiarize yourself with online selling tools 

There are many online tools available to homeowners selling their own home. We mentioned above that it takes a bit of research, and researching these tools by going to Google is easy and fast. Just Google “free online homes selling tools” and you’ll be amazed at the number of excellent results you’ll get.

Tip #5: Purchase a large, bright “For Sale” sign

Online selling tools are helpful, to be sure, but don’t forget one of the best and most effective tools for attracting homebuyers; a big, bright for-sale sign. You’ll want to put it as close to your street as possible, with a phone number that can easily be read by someone driving by, and also make sure it’s not obstructed by things like bushes, mailboxes and so forth.

Tip #6: Get a real estate attorney to help you

Forgoing a real estate agent will save you money, to be sure, but don’t skimp on getting an experienced real estate attorney to help you with executing contracts, fielding offers and arranging your closing date.


  1. These are great tips! Our house is currently on the market and we are hoping that it sells soon.

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