Signs You Might Be a Little Too Cheap

There’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap.  Even being frugal has its quirks where it could be easy to be made fun of when it comes to spending money, or lack of, as well as re-using items that you probably should throw away, but being cheap is just a whole other level.  I’ve been around cheap people in my life and I told myself I would never be that way, so look out for signs that you might be a little too cheap.

Suffering Without Air Conditioning

August is really the hottest part of the summer, so if you having turned on the air conditioning yet, then you are no doubt suffering, as well as anyone who unfortunately has to share the house with you.  Yes, it makes sense to turn the temperature up while you are at work, but at night if it’s not cool enough outside to open the windows, then for sleeping sake, turn on the air conditioning, as the ceiling fan in itself cannot keep the sweat from pouring off of you all night.  Once the fall hits, you can give the A/C a break.

Shorting on a Tip

Now unless you really have received poor service, at which even then I have trouble holding back on a tip, but I have received terrible service where I did have to miss filling in the tip line, but as a rule of thumb you should always leave at least 20% off of your bill, not to mention throwing a few bucks to the carryout person for your order (as long as the order is right!).  You can tell the friends that don’t tip when you are out with a group and have to rely on other to pitch in a few more bucks to make up for it.

Dodging a Round of Drinks

Now shorting a few bucks for a tip is one thing, but if you’re out with a group of friends and you are trading off buying rounds, you may have that friend that always seems to be in the bathroom or hiding in the background when it’s their turn to buy a round.  You don’t need to buy everyone a round of shots, but if you are drinking other people’s drinks that they ordered for you, then it’s only fair to return the favor and not cheap out.

Grass Looks Like the Desert

It actually doesn’t make financial sense to water your grass in the middle of the day due to drying up more quickly, and actually advised to water in the morning or at night after the sun is down, but if you see someone’s lawn completely dried up it makes you wonder if they are lazy, or cheap.  Certainly, your water bill will increase in the summer due to having to water, but as long as your watering is not out of control, you can still water and at least keep a smidge of green in your grass to last the rest of the year, unless you’re banking on it coming back in the fall as temperatures drop and rain may increase.

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