Spruced Up – Best of PF: Lawyers, Cards, anddd… SEO

Here’s some of my favorite posts of the week (damn, I read a lot of blogs). I’ve got a non-pf link in there from Sean Ogle about SEO, too (and this post title is probably bad for SEO, actually). Click and enjoy!

Never Say “I Can’t Afford it” Again – Money Talks

4 Thrifty Way to Hire a Lawyer – Financially Consumed

6 Lessons Learned from the Recession – Budgets Are Sexy

The Best SEO Strategy for Your New Blog – Sean Ogle/Location 180

Every Purchase is a Trade-Off – Get Rich Slowly

10 Reason I’m Cancelling My Credit Cards – Smart Money via Yahoo Finance

Applying to MBA Programs – Step 4 – Money in the 20s

See ya next week!


  1. Thanks for the mention!!

  2. Awesome, thanks Jeffrey!

  3. Did you know this site? it’s a very cool blog http://bloggingle.blogspot.com

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