Spruced Up: Best of PF #4

Every week, I read lots of other personal finance blogs.  To help you out, I’m posting a regular round-up of all the best posts from the week, so check them out!

Update: I’m competing in the Yakezie challenge, and trying to get my Alexa ranking down below 200,000 by October (I’m currently around 400,000).  If you’d like to help, you can install the Alexa toolbar, which helps improve my ranking. You can also share my posts on Twitter or Facebook, or link to them from your website or blog.

Now, for the the Spruced Up picks of the week:

Ashley at Money Talks posted about tracking your spending and why we all need to do it.  She’s also written some great guest posts lately, like this post on the poorest time of her life on Budgets Are Sexy.

Dave at Money in the 20s wrote about a real-life job offer predicament that anyone searching for a job could run in to.

Justin at Money is the Root shared some interesting finance facts that we haven’t heard before.

Money Beagle hosted the “Celebrate the Green” edition of the Total Money Blog Carnival this week.

Thanks for coming by, and don’t forget: Money After College is almost here


  1. Thanks for the mention!!

  2. Thanks for the roundup – I wait for this every week to catch up on all the posts I missed!

  3. Thanks for including me!

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