Spruced Up: Best of PF #8

Every week, I read lots of other personal finance blog posts.  Here’s a round-up of all the best posts from the week, so check them out!

First, an update:

I’m competing in the Yakezie challenge, and I’ve finally got my Alexa ranking below 200,000!  Thanks to everyone for reading and helping me get here! It’s a small step forward, but I’m constantly growing, as I have over 1,100 unique visitors in the last month and I’m continuing to grow at 25% per month!

Now, for the the Spruced Up picks of the week:

Money in the 20s –“Applying to MBA Programs – Step 3: Take the GMAT”

Financially Consumed – “Consumer Triple-Test”

Money Talks – “Positive Thinking Can Affect Your Life”

Budgets Are Sexy – “Credit Cards Are For Old People”

Gen Y Wealth – “What the Next 5 Years of Personal Finance Evolution Needs to Look Like”

Get Rich Slowly – “Hourly vs. Salary: Which is Better?”

Thanks for coming by, and if you haven’t already: Check out Money After College!


  1. thanks for the mention!!

  2. Very cool. Thanks Jeffrey.

  3. Congrats on being under 200,000.

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