Spruced Up: Best of PF #9

Every week, I read lots of other personal finance blog posts.  Here’s a round-up of all the best posts from the week, so check them out!

Money Talks – “Saved Does Not Equal Saved”

Financially Consumed –“Plant Trees at Home and Save Green”

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – “Net Worth – Do You Include the House?”

Budgets Are Sexy – “The Crazy Simple Bucket Budget”

Get Rich Slowly – “Biking vs. Driving Calculator”

Money Spruce Update:

I’ve been competing in the Yakezie challenge, and I’ve finally got my Alexa ranking down to 175,000!  Thanks to everyone for reading and helping me get here! It’s a small step forward, but I’m constantly growing, as I have over 1,400 unique visitors in the last month and I’m continuing to grow at 50% per month!

Thanks for coming by, and if you haven’t already: Check out Money After College!


  1. Thanks for the mention and congrats about your Alexa!!!

  2. thanks for the mention!  And congrats on getting to 175,000 on your alexa ranking.  It’s fun to watch it drop.

  3. Congratulations Jeff. You will blow past 100k very soon. Thanks again for the mention.

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