Spruced Up: ‘Seems About Time’ Edition

I haven’t posted a roundup lately, but it seemed like a good time to do that now after all the excitement at the Financial Bloggers Conference. This isn’t a recap of that (I didn’t write one so everyone else covered it so well), but here’s some of my favorite recent posts, from both old and new friends:

Hunter @ Financially Consumed – “Ten Takeaways – Financial Blogger Conference

Crystal @  Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – “Balancing My Checkbook – Too Loaded to Care?

Ashley @ Money Talks – “Self Employment Income Is Not Less Reliable Than Employment Income

Caleb @ Pocked Changed – “How to REALLY Laugh in the Face of Fear and Quit Living a Boring Life

Suba @Wealth Informatics- “Should you Buy or Rent? Calculator + Inforgraphics

Krystal @ Give Me Back My Five Bucks – “Creating a Schedule that Works

MC @ Money Cone- “Using PayPal to Send Money? The Deal Just Got Sweeter!

Brad @ Enemy of Debt – “What Are You Biggest Challenges With Paying Off Debt

Have a great week!


  1. True, there must be at least 100 ‘my experience at FINCON’ articles circulating. Nothing like being there.

  2. Thank you Jeffrey!

  3. Will have to check these out, Thanks Jeffrey/

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