Spruced Up: Zero Degrees Edition

I’m sitting here writing this week’s Spruced Up post, and it is cold outside! The windchill is around 0!

Luckily, I’m warm inside, so here are some of my favorites from the week:

Lots of blogs covered the Suze Orman debit card saga this week, but Eric at Dollar Versity did a great job covering it on his Facebook page and wrote a great post on Suze and her handling of criticism.

The Happy Homeowner continued her “confessions” series with a moving story about being homeless. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more!

Jana at Daily Money Shot told us how repo men from Lizard Lick towing can teach us about finances, too.

101 Centavos featured a post about how to not invest in water. With my engineering background, water is something that I’ll always find interesting.

JT at Money Mamba made be think with his post about when assets are liabilities. Once I read it, it made much more sense to me.

Jackie at Money Crush questioned if passive income is all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of buzz about it lately, and I’m not sure it’s worth all of the attention it gets.

Corey explained why people can’t get out of debt on Life and My Finances, and used some real-life examples to back up his case.

Andrea at So Over Debt started a discussion on whether altruism is a bad thing or not. I don’t see how you can make a real case that it is bad, but check out the conversation.

PK at DQYDJ asked how we define savings. Hard to believe, but there are many different definitions.

Cryal from BITFS was featured in a reader story on Get Rich Slowly. It’s been great hearing about her success, and I hope I can go on to follow in her footsteps in my own way.

Have a great week!

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  1. 101centavos says

    Thanks for the link, Jeffrey. What kind of engineer?

  2. 0! Sheeesh, that’s really cold. It’s just below freezing here and my kids ar complaining. I’ll have to tell them what they’re missing out on up your way.

  3. Thanks for the include!

    For the record, I moved from New England to California. It’s been around 70 here.

  4. Wow, thank you for including me in this!! I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying my series. Have a great week 🙂

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