Tips on Saving Money With a Newborn

Having a baby can be (and is, for that matter), stressful.  The crying baby in the picture was my first thought to start off this article as that what it seems to consume my life with now, having a newborn a few weeks ago.  So, while we adjust to our new family member, it is another mouth to feed and more expenses that will occur that will need to be accounted for.  Much like everything else in life, we try to save money the best we can, so same goes with having a newborn.

Clip Coupons!

It is suggested to clip coupons when you are grocery shopping, so why wouldn’t you do the same when it came for baby necessities.  You find formula coupons that will help to ease the burden if you are having trouble with breast milk.  One thing I have noticed is that Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby are owned by the same company, so they accept BB&B coupons at BBB, so that is nice, when if you are like me, receive them in my email or mail just about every day.

Seek Hand-Me-Down’s

Whether some friends and family stopped at one being enough, or maybe have another child not being the same gender and needing to clean house a bit as things get outdate and less need, you can probably get great hand-me-down items from those you are close to that can save a ton of money then having to buy your own.  We have neighbors stopping by giving us their old toys and accessories, so most are probably happy to not only free up some space in their home, but to also have their items to go be loved by the next.

Return Items from Baby Shower

Now this may sound like a selfish thing to do, but I’m not talking about taking the generous gifts you received from friends and relatives and turning them into cash, but there are always those few people that decide to buy something that is not on your registry because they think it is “cute”, and we all know that we don’t have the same taste as everyone else.  Hopefully the random gifts they got you were at least from the store you registered at, or a popular store with an easy return policy.

Luck Out with a Diaper Party

While a baby shower is typically for women (although the new trend is for couple’s showers), one of the popular events now for the father to be is to have a diaper party, usually planned by a best friend or close family member.  You can get the guys together for a night on the town, sort of like a bachelor party of sorts, with the only admission to the party is a case of diapers.  With most having kids by now, those are happy to pay with diapers for a much-needed night out, and those without kids are just happy to have all of their friends out at the same time.

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