Top Job Tips for College Grads

It’s an annual rite of Spring; College graduation. These days however, with an increasingly tough job market, college graduates need to do as much as possible to make themselves employable.

Today’s blog will help them to do just that, with some top job tips for recent college grads. Congratulations, and enjoy.

Tip 1: Take a few weeks to volunteer and make contacts. Any type of volunteer experience is a great way to network, especially if you can volunteer with an organization that has some sort of relationship to your respective career plans.

Tip 2: Attend as many hiring events as you can. Sure, the Internet is a great way to look for jobs and apply for them as well, but the best way to get hired is to meet hiring agents face-to-face.

Tip 3: Employment agencies can be helpful. Many employers look for part time people to fill in for short term projects and, when they do, they turn to staffing agencies for help. Sure, it’s only a temporary job but it’s a great way to get experience and possibly make the contact that you need to get a full-time position.

Tip 4: Before you leave campus, connect with your career center. Most colleges have a career center, as well as a job board and other services, that are extremely helpful. Even after you leave campus you can sometimes connect remotely, and get the help you need to find your first job.

Tip 5: Ask family and family friends if they know of any job openings at their business, especially if they own it. Desperate?. Not at all. The fact is, they say it’s not what you know, but who. If a family member or friend owns a business or has a position high enough in a company that they can put in a good word for you, why not take advantage of that?

Tip 6: Put your resume and information on more than one job board. There are literally hundreds of job boards on the Internet, so don’t limit yourself to just one. Also, depending on what your preferred occupation and industry are, there will likely be a few job boards that focus on those, so make sure you put your resume on them as well.

Tip 7: Take any job you can find until one you like better comes along.  Here’s the fact; you won’t find your perfect job on the first try. Heck, you might not even find a job you like, but if you’re offered one you should take it and get the work experience it offers. In fact, if you continue to look for a better job while you’re employed, it sounds better to interviewers at your (possible) new job that you’re already working, rather than wasting time doing nothing.

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