Are Walmart Black Friday Deals Worth It?


Walmart Black Friday seems to draw more and more attention each year. It’s to the point now where shoppers seek out the Walmart flyer weeks in advance of the actual event!

For full disclosure, I’ve never actually gone after Walmart Black Friday specials before. The whole event seems too crazy for me, but I’m not as big of a shopper as others out there. Although I did go to a computer retailer for an early-morning sale once in my life, I d

on’t think it was worth it that time, and I’ve never done it since.

Walmart Black Friday Sales Can Save Money

Crowds and all other considerations aside, there are definitely some deals to be had, and there’s no denying that the sales are among the best of the year found anywhere.  Here are just some of the offerings:

TVs – This always seems to be at the top of the list for Black Friday shoppers. Walmart features a 32″ HDTV for $188 and a 48″ HDTV for $248. There are a variety of other brand-name HDTVs on the second page of the add, too.

Other electronics – WalMart is also offering a $49 Bluray player. There are also camera, laptops, and more offered throughout the flyer.

Of course WalMart has video games, toys, DVDs and just about everything else you might be looking for over the holidays.
Don’t forget: just about everything is offered on a first-come basis, and quantities are often limited for the items that appear in these flyers.

You can view the Walmart Black Friday deals right from the front page of the Walmart site now.

Online retailers have sales, too

If you don’t want to camp out for Walmart’s Black Friday sale, you can plunk yourself down at your computer and shop from home instead. is also offering some amazing deals, too. They have a whole page on the site setup just for Black Friday on Amazon with sales on items across all categories. The full details haven’t been released, but it’s rumored that the new Kindle Fire that usually retails for $199 may be on sale to a limited amount of customers for just $100.

Is the time and stress worth it?

If there’s something you really want and you can save substantially on it by getting up early to wait in line, then I think it’s worth consideration for some. While I wouldn’t do it myself for just about any amount of savings, I can see why some people would want to. To me, it’s not worth spending hours camped outside a story to rush in and shop in a sea of people. I actually think it’s a little ridiculous and people have died in the past, so be careful.

Don’t forget that parking will probably be tough, especially at shopping malls. Plus, even after you’ve grabbed your item, lines will still be long to check out. Yahoo has a post with some more Do’s and Don’t of Black Friday.

I’m not my of a shopper, so I’ll probably hold off on any shopping on Black Friday. Plus, there are other ways to celebrate the holidays and give gifts without spending a ton of money, like these ideas. We definitely won’t be exchanging HDTVs at my Christmas this year!

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  1. I tracked last year black Friday and I do believe that there are some good deals. This year I’m hoping to buy a TV. I’m not much of a shopper myself, so  I’m thinking more in Cyber Monday and avoid all the confusion.

  2. The deals honestly don’t that great this year. I have never shopped on Black Friday and I’m not moved to start this year.

  3. The deals may be good, but I would rather do my shopping online than go through the stress of  shopping at a retail store.

  4. Margo Mosher says

    Also, it’s important to not give up what you value to just get a deal. While Walmart has made great strides in sustainability they still are destroying small businesses and communities. I’d guess that any black Friday deals are at large corporations, so choose who you support carefully.

  5. I have never seen anything worth buying (and worse waiting in freezing cold) at Walmart the last few years. They had like 4 big screen TV and 4 $200 laptops last year I think, there were 400 people to get that. Totally mad.

    If I can shop online I wouldn’t mind a $100 kindle though.

  6. Some people really love the thrill of getting out there super early, saving money and fighting the crowds.  I don’t get it but it is their rush.  I’ll pay a little more and order stuff off the Internet or wait until a Monday morning when everyone is at work.  (I love being a blogger.)


  7. I think the discounts on Black Friday only are worthwhile if your buying something more pricey than a 32 inch tv that you might in reality only save 30 or 4o bucks.  You have to factor in how much you think your time is worth.

    I think a lot of people that camp out for steep deals do so more for the fun of it, not because they are saving a few extra bones.

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